To be a hero for one night
Any venue is all right
Starring in popstar dreams
Not glamorous as it seems
How much you do need
What’s the price of the deed
Getting your kicks
On Highway 666

Wounded I move ahead
Season of the dread
Upon me again
Skin etched by…

waiting for the fun

expecting to go too far
through dreams of sobriety
wanting to come to life
in the hands of virtual midwives
newborn poet society
I’m still at that stupid bar

open your mind like a jack-knife
you’re the needle I need
to carry the word
into our veins a new…

Well again I went too far

For me no sobriety

Out of society

Am I out or what

Let’s get out of that



For paranoia

To set in

By now

I should be


What is

Tha Password

The word TM

That God just told


We wanna know

All of us

BTW adios

I was raped
you was raped
she was raped and killed

I was hurt
you was hurt
she committed suicide

I was white
you was white
she was not

we became hooked
on what would see us
through the pain

be it drugs, drink, hate
we got addicted to it
died from it within

we were born again
futility rebirthed

no allies will come
to save us
this time

’cause we’re not a nation
who lost its virginity
by beheading its king

if words could win wars
there would’nt be any wars
anywhere anymore

if words could give love
you’d feel it
right now

wings of desire
kindred souls
on the road
to carnal knowledge
bloody strands
of sensuality
maverick teenagers
in the back seat
of unbridled lust
of paradise lost
skidding on thin ice
je meurs d’envie de vivre
cette aventure
avec toi

*photo credit : Rae Congdon — found on

Prince, his Purple Majesty
died of massive prescribed fentanyl overdose
Tom Petty died of prescribed opiates overdose
Fredo Santana, a young rising hip-hop artist
died of a fatal seizure
coming after liver and kidney failures
caused by continued Purple Drank abuse
Purple Drank a mixture
of codeine cough syrup
with allergy meds and other stuff
August Ames, a young…

I don’t know

will the shit
hit the fan?
some insta-hip
working her suntan?
on a beach
a golf course
out of reach
no recourse
à gogo

presidential tweets
early morning
insane bedsheets
rooster calling
to action
burn the witch
alt-right insurrection
trigger fingers twitch
are those guys with man buns
coming for our guns…

I don’t know where you are that makes you so real
I don’t know who you are and how do you swim alone
against this swarming tide of hate
I can’t feel my skin you can’t feel my breath
where I am don’t see I am so weightless
by strange fingertips not even a ghost imagined
I miss your absence black hole like sunset
dancing in the arms of blü jayn oblivious
in the dark galaxy of pixels insane for you
I miss you don’t stop breathing words unchained

image source :

Scars and strikes

Old man in my head
does’nt want me to get ahead
He won’t give me my daily bread
just wants me to end up dead

Scars and strikes
on Hell’s turnpike
make me strong
can’t do no wrong

Trigger me trigger me not
touch the hot spot
trigger me…

Paul Reney

looking for the unfollowable lightness of being in all the wrong places, head trauma survivor... j’écris et parle aussi français…from Montréal...mostly poetry

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