VideoPin.Me Adds Demo Mode

The developers at VideoPin.Me have added a Demo Mode. This new mode allows a curious visitor to try the pin creation interface without creating an account. Check out how easy it is to create VideoPins.

When you access the page, the first start pin has been set. Drag the scrubber located over the YouTube video to your stop point. Click the “Red” stop pin radio button. Add your notes or comments. Click the “Blue” save button to complete your first Pin. If you wish to start your next pin exactly at the end point location of the previous pin, Click the “Move to Last Pin” button. Your next start position has been set. Drag the scrubber to the new end point as before add your notes or comments and click the “Blue” save button again. Continue to add more Pins. To fine tune each pin click a saved pin to enter edit mode. You can now adjust each pin individually by 1 second.

Since you are in demo mode, if you try to share your individual pins or all the pins, you will get a “Pop Up” stating you are in Demo Mode, please create an account to save and share pins.

This site just gets better and better! If you are a teacher or student, you have to try VideoPin.Me. Tell your friends and coworkers.

Try it out here.