Getting Started With Scala.js for the JavaScript Developer (Part 1 | Setup & Vue.js)
Michael Mangialardi

I have tried the code above, following your article,there are things missing, and I had to look at the github code.However it was not difficult to figure out what was miss interpreted.

the code works so does the facade.

since I use emacs and ensime I did got issues with scala 2.12.x, so I had to go for scala 2.11, but the code works :)

I did have to use the annotation @JSGlobal, here and there to remove warnings.

What would be nice for part 2 are the following :- 
1) some clear,succinct description of vue.js
2) have the github code included in the sbt, instead of copy and paste.

3)use some existing components of vue.js in scala.js

I am more than willing to help, my twitter is @renghenKow

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