Event Recording

Aug 17, 2016 · 2 min read

What is event recording?

Event recording is a process for documenting how often a behavior occurs. An observer using event recording constitutes a tally mark or documents for some reason whenever a student participates in a target behavior. The observer also records the time period where the behavior will be observed. For example, a teacher may be considering how frequent students correctly pronounces anything, requires help, leaves the desk, participates in class, arrives to class punctually, or interacts positively with peers.

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Event recording takes place after a specific period of time. For example, it might be essential to observe a student during math class from 9:00–9:30 over a couple of days to determine a pattern of behavior. Information regarding the frequency of the behavior is obtained by recording inside a specific time frame. As an example, a tutor may collect event recording data each day through the 9:00–9:30 class. When the time period varies, the data gathered during event recording is documented as being a rate. As an illustration, the interest rate may reflect the volume of behaviors per minute or hourly.

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Which are the advantages and disadvantages of event recording?

The key advantage of event recording is that it might be easy to implement and could be used while teaching class. There are several easy methods to keep an eye on behaviors as they occur: You may use a wrist counter; make tally marks over a piece of paper, or put paperclips, pennies, or buttons in a single pocket and move the crooks to some other “target” pocket as each behavior occurs. At the conclusion of the observation period, it is a simple task to look at your wrist counter, add together the volume of items in the “target” pocket, or count the amount of tally marks on a recording form.

Event recording just isn’t as helpful in the event the behavior appealing occurs in a really high rate or occurs over extended periods of time. Behaviors that could occur at a high rate or higher long periods could include outbursts, reading, staring off into space, or talking to peers. In such cases event recording may not be the very best measurement choice.

When should event recording be utilized?

Event recording can be utilized in case your objective is always to increase or decrease how often a behavior occurs. When the behavior that you’re looking at can be easily counted, event recording could be the best method to utilize as it can be simple to record and perhaps might be completed without disturbing ongoing activities. A behavior can be simply counted when:

- The behavior features a clear beginning and end so that you can easily tell in the event the behavior starts then when it ends, and
- It doesn’t happen at this type of high rate it problematical to document.

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