Mark T. Smith Celebrated American Painter

Reni Candelier
Photo:Reni Candelier -

Late night 7:00 pm art classes seemed fun at first but with time became a drag. The figure drawing class I took my last semester in Miami FL , was refreshing and innovative. They presented works of both past and present. Different artist that studied perspectives of the human body from love, passion, and betrayal. As I watched the slideshow of the works of masters like Picasso, Dalí, and Monet, one drawing stood out. The perfect harmony of lines and curves that represented trust, loyalty, and passion. As I observed the drawing in captivation I asked myself “who is the artist behind the legibility of traditional sketching?”

Photo: Reni Candelier-

A Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius, formulated a mathematical formula for the division of space in an image. The formula was set on principles of set ratios between longer and shorter sides of a rectangle. Henri Matisse also referenced that composition is the balance of arranging elements to study emotions. Destiny in mysterious ways and a delicious big Pink Burger led me to meet the artist behind the drawings. The artist Mark T. Smith builds compositions where both negative space and composition can tell a story. Smith’s drawing style has the esthetic of great masters but represents a unique modern perspective that stands out. As a new media writer Mark T. Smith’s works are the pure example of collaboration and education for progression of classical modern artwork. The study of Smith’s work scales the measure of mathematical precision in each painting created for marketing campaigns such as MTV, Pepsi, At&t, Budweiser, Vh-1, Walt Disney Co, Absolut Vodka campaign in 1996, entitled “Absolut Smith”. The form and space American artist Mark T. Smith creates to deliver a meaningful compositions while understanding visual perception is truly the essence of his works.

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Reni Candelier

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Arizona State University Graphic Information Technology

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