Yayoi Kusama infinity mirrors

Reni Candelier

“A ticket that was delivered via who she knows and who she doesn’t?” Changed my whole schedule for the master of dots that started a new perspective of new media and art.

A sold out show to an exhibition I had seen so many times online. Visuals of the legendary Yayoi Kusama born in 1929, were patterns of the most innovative painter. I was emailed the ticket and quickly rescheduled everything around the 2:00 pm sold out show.

“I arrived at the High Museum thinking this will be a smooth sail inside. I mean it’s Thursday at 2:00 pm who even likes art?”

As I approached the glass doors I noticed the line was longer than a Star Wars premier. The hallucinations Kusama once had as a young girl now reflected in the energy of every room. The installations of mirrored spaces, lights, and molded acrylic sculptured works resembled her own landscape of ideas and perspectives.

I was paired with other speculators in rooms that combined a dotted connection with strangers that became part of the reflection one observed back. The timed sessions in every space triggered senses with visuals which reflected back the energy of now being part of one space with a complete outsider. As a new media writer I observed a new perspective from my lens. The design esthetic Kusama’s works represent can be used for exploration of no boundaries and freedom (Kusama, Y., & Thompson, M. 1998). Entering every space more than five times I ended my evening sticking my dotted sticker to the walls now filled with many more colorful stickers creating a new environment.

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Reni Candelier

Written by

Arizona State University Graphic Information Technology

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