DNA research & Archives : Women & children’s safety

Initial meeting with my Supervisor

I am in the initial stages of preparing my Master’s Thesis for submission, and had my first meeting with my supervisor, Dr. Andrew yesterday. It was a very interesting meeting as he briefed me through the Thesis process & framework. Andrew works on a lot of issues around gender & sexually, including editing many publications.

As we discussed, I explained my reasons for choosing the topic & what elements I felt were important. Initially three topics were proposed that revolved around Urban Planning & Women. I was thinking of doing a research linking all three topics, however, as per @Andrew’s suggestion, it was better to choose a specific topic. His point was that it would help gain a deeper understanding, as well as help in doing a specific research. Therefore we finalised on safety issues that women & the vulnerable were experiencing. When we say vulnerable, there are many groups that come in it. Youth or the old age is not something that I am keen as I have seen them gain a lot of attention. However, I am interested in Women & Children safety issues.

Although Jenna had mentioned that an Ethics application has to be put in place, to do the research, I didn’t know it would take almost a month for approval. If children’s issues are involved then it will take more than a month to get the approval. Thankfully, our supervisors would guide us through the application process.

After the meeting, I managed to get a copy of ‘Creating Child Friendly Cities’ from the University library. In the evening, as I sat reviewing the day, I hoped to come up with a final topic to take my thesis further, Women or Children or Both.