Happy One Year Love! #FidgetOn

Part One: It’s been one whole year…Holy Mulla.

Happy One Year Anniversary my love! Bet you never knew I was committed to someone this past year,huh?! I’m celebrating one year of putting this person first, one year of building the milestones and dreams of this person, one year of fighting through cultural expectations, parents, society with this person. I know, you’re anxious and your eyes may have skipped a couple of sentences ahead to see if I mention a wedding date or share the engagement pictures…HAHA. Hang in there, this is important, so much more important than marriage…it’s a celebration, and there’s so much to celebrate about this person that I finally prioritized. I’m so proud of this person; they’ve challenged those around them to pursue their own dreams, perhaps to be more specific, they took the leap of faith and pursued their one dream 110%.

Enough with the tease right… the person I’m talking about is ME! :)

Hi, hey, hello, Sup! It’s Renish and I’m celebrating me, I’m celebrating one year since walking away from a full-time glorious permanent job at the University of Waterloo. Gosh, how time has flown by. June 24th 2015 I remember getting just enough sleep the night before; finally putting to rest the thoughts of writing my first resignation letter for my first ever job after graduating. Man, was that stressful! I was searching up resignation templates on google right front and centre.

That was it. A week before June 24th rolled around, I sat my parents down and told them I couldn’t work for Feds [Federation of Students is what my role fell under]anymore, I promised I’d figure it out. I wrote my reasons down for why I needed to quit, printed a few copies of this letter and began delivering it to my managers on the morning of this milestone-worthy day. I announced the news to my coworkers, and even though those were some of the hardest goodbyes to share, they were very encouraging and knew I was much more than the position I held!

I didn’t feel like a thousand bucks, I didn’t even think about the debt or how much I was going to miss out on that consistent pay cheque. It was a moment of self respect for the expectations I had set for myself and most importantly an idea that could no longer be just a simple sketch, or just a simple toast masters pitch; someone much more important was relying on it — my nephew.

June 24th 2016 has come, and one of my greatest souls sisters, mentor, and role model, Chelsea Prescod [who is phenomenal beyond words] recommended that I write a blog to share and reflect on this past year and all that I had been up to since quitting. So, here I am.

Thank goodness for my instagramming and thank goodness for instagram and documenting dates of the images! I’ll be sharing blog posts with videos, pictures, and overviews of each milestone and key points of what I had learned from each event.

Milestones Timeline:

Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp: 2nd Place Winner! — August 25th — 27th | September 28th — October 1st 2015

Guest Speaker for BET 300 — October 14th 2015

Women of Influence Launch Attendee and Honourable Mention — December 3rd 2015

AC Jumpstart Cohort 3 Grant Recipient — December 7th 2015

Marketing Den Brand Pitch Competition hosted by OCAD Participant — January 27th 2016

Because I’m a Girl Speaker — March 8th 2016

Tamil Culture: International Women’s Day Podcast Guest: March 8th 2016

Tamil Culture Article: Tamil Women Who Inspire — March 8th 2016

UTSG Mental Health Forum Guest Speaker — March 16th 2016

Young Women in Business Shatter: Panelist for Discussion:Entrepreneurship — March 26th 2016

Conestoga Pitch Competition Winner — April 7th 2016

Fidget Space LAUNCH Party — April 23rd 2016

We are Millennials Featured Millennial — Trailer of Series Launched May 5th 2016

GTAN|SMART Pitch Participant and Nominee — May 5th 2016

OCE Discovery Exhibition (Nomination): Entrepreneurs Showcase Booth — May 9th and 10th 2016

Polytechnics Canada Annual Conference 2016: Entrepreneurs Showcase — May 12th 2016

SMWiTO Volunteer and Girl who was asked for a picture by #hairflip #6dad — Norm Kelly — June 6th to June 9th 2016

EUREKA Gala Featured Speaker — June 17th 2016

World Vision Social Innovation Competition: Health First Round Winner — June 20th 2o16

Rogers’ South Asian Dialogue Guest — June 24th 2016

That’s a lot eh? I mean, not enough because this ball just began rolling, but still. There are a few I hadn’t mentioned but will definitely cover in further blogs. [I know, I know, you’re wondering why I left a certain show out and being a finalist — I promise to share the drama ;)]

This post wasn’t to simply highlight all that I’ve been up to, nor to inspire you to quit your job that you love to simply carry the title of an entrepreneur. It is to inspire you to always trust your intuition and put YOURSELF FIRST. You and your expectations! No one else, not even your managers will know your potential. I strongly believe that my manager never allowed me to leap into my ideas because he had already settled into being “comfortable.” I’m sorry that I am not sorry for being a young, energetic, risk-taking, never-settling, uncomfortable, innovative, fresh, abstract, fun, talented [I could go on …but you get the point] changemaker ! I am not saying I’m more than a 9 to 5 job, I was definitely more than THIS one. I’d just like to take this opportunity to commend myself for putting faith in myself for once, and not giving a single flying fickle to the floating expectations around me. I’m sure going through the list of the milestones mentioned you can see I’ve kept myself occupied. I like these kinds of restless nights because each and every day, for 1. I don’t do the stupid commute any more , 2. I’m working on bettering myself to change the world little fidgets at a time. [oh, renish.]

I want to become more than just someone who has quit her awesome job. I want to become a role model. A role model that I had searched for to find the courage and support to make the decisions I’ve made to date. I want to be someone that other South Asian girls, women can share, collaborate, and build relationships with to encourage one another’s dreams beyond the traditional expectations. I want to share and expose my experiences and use my voice to remind others to always put themselves first and aspire!

Building my own cheer squad within me was half the mental support system, the other half is definitely the amazing group of friends, mentors and my family that have been there and challenged me more and more to hit greater heights this past year. Thank YOU.

My sincerest gratitude to you for reading this and celebrating this self-aware one year anniversary! I cannot wait to share more insights and celebrate many more milestones with you and of you!

Keeping Calm is Overrated, #FidgetOn fam,

Rennish Kamal.

Here’s Part 2: About that position…