What Looks like Love on an Ordinary Day

…when you’ve been thinking about a friend for weeks and weeks and you finally stop to call. The friend confirms that hearing your voice has been just the kind of refreshment they needed.

…when you’ve been invited to go somewhere and you don’t want to go. Then you meet someone there (a new friend, a business contact) you were meant to meet.

…when you stop to pick up a shirt or other item that fell on the retail floor. You didn’t know it; but the new associate felt like quitting today. She felt overwhelmed — as the store was always short-staffed and disorganized.

…when you’re in the coffee shop or drive-thru line and you pay for the person’s food behind you. That single mother or college student just prayed to make it through the week with the money she had.

…when you go visit a Senior Living facility (where you’re not earning pay or volunteer hours); but you play board games with the residents. One of those people hasn’t had company in weeks.

…when you get a flat tire on the interstate and a young man pulls over to wait with you until the tow truck comes. The person is thankful for gentleman’s presence, especially when 3 sheriffs/troopers pass by and don’t stop.

…when your lover hugs you and whispers in your ear that “It’s gonna be alright” — on a rather stressful day. It’s just the right medicine to help you gather yourself and have the strength to face the unexpected again tomorrow.

…when you drop a card in the mail just to let someone know you’re thinking about him. Your handwritten letter brings tears to his eyes and reminds him that he matters.

…when you encourage your friend to write a blog before the day ends. You take the challenge too just to remind her that she’s not alone and that her words matter.

…when you’re fast approaching an intersection trying to beat the light and you see a homeless person. You couldn’t stop then; but you double back and bring him McDonald’s and some clean socks. His “God bless you” says everything you need to hear.

…when a young girl helps her Grandmother put on her shirt — because she’s still regaining her strength after the stroke. That grandmother is thankful to have children and grandchildren who care about her wellbeing.

What looks like love on an ordinary day is carrying out small acts of kindness that affect your fellow man in quiet, countless ways.

It won’t be televised.

It probably won’t go viral on the internet.

It’s often packaged in ‘inconvenience’.

You might have to give up your plans in that moment, to meet others where they are.

It can sound like ‘Yes’ when you had every intention of saying ‘no’.

It feels like warmth on a cold rainy day.

It looks like strangers who stand together, crying and holding hands while emergency response teams try to rescue their love ones from a collapsing building.

It smells like burnt toast you attempted to make for Grandpa. He demonstrates his gratitude by kissing you and telling you “Thank you” and then offering to take you to breakfast.

Love is Grace.

Love is Gratitude.

Love is Unsuspecting.

Love is Your Presence.

Love is Strength in weak moments.

Love is your favorite track on repeat.

Love provides.

Love waits.

Love apologizes.

Love comforts and reassures.

Love is imperfection but is forever making its best effort!

No day dictates or confines that kind of love because it IS…

Love is…