How to Win an Election
Sachin Benny

Nice thoughts. Surely all points might have had a share in the final outcome.

That made me think, the reason behind each of the votes that I had made. Each of my votes had been based on either one of the two reasons.

  1. Generally people are selfish. They consider the good of themselves over that of the country. So mostly people vote for those whom they consider as good for themselves. I select a person whom I think is good for me.
  2. At times people want to take revenge. In such a situation, to whom I vote, is not as important as to whom I did not vote. I filter out all those persons whom I do not want to vote , and pick up the one who is most likely to fetch the largest vote share from the remaining list.
  3. At times I am obliged to someone for some of the favour they done, that I try to express my gratitude with my vote (mostly in panchayath elections)

Well, pondering a little more made me realise that there could be a lot more reasons. Its a fascinating science for sure.

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