I’m sorry but I just don’t understand this.
Dino Sanacory

I think being a man is probably most of the reason you dont get it…however it is probably the same for a young man who is seduced by an older married woman.

The man was too old and should have been the responsible one. An older man doesnt have the same advantages of looks and vitality that a young man does, but he has the fatherly influence. He was demanding-perhaps not with actual force, but he spoke with power of command. He also made sure she felt inhumanly beautiful, saying exactly what she wanted to hear. Its a manipulation through illusion. Most every woman wants to hear, “youre so beautiful, your eyes sparkle like diamonds, i could listen to your sweet voice for hundreds of years, lying here in the grass gazing at the light on your face,” and complimenting body parts, listening to every detail of everything she had to say, nodding in agreement and adoration. Its not real…it wasnt love. He was wrong. His game was making sure he could get away with it, by making her believe that they were equal. She believed they were equal. Why is that a problem? Well, in of itself it may not be…did he make her feel completely wonderful about herself? Sure. Does that make it okay that he manipulated her? Well, her sister had a similar encounter with him but her perspective was completely different.

Imagine you are eating a steak. It is an incredible steak! Like, you could possibly have a better one but this one is the best one youve ever had. It didnt really look or smell extra amazing but when you tasted it it was sooo good. Then, half way through eating it you find out that its dog. You might be totally grossed out and say ew i cant believe i ate dog, but it doesnt change that you felt a certain way about it just seconds before. You may say, well, some people eat dog in other areas of the world so why waste it? And you finish eating it. But you cant go around cooking dogs and eating them. And maybe this is arguable but its wrong to eat a dog (lets say relatively for the sake of the point). So are you bad for liking the dog? No! Was it wrong to keep eating it? Maybe. But ultimately you didnt know it was dog because someone presented it as steak. She didnt know it was wrong because he presented it as right, and when she found out she was halfway through eating the dog.