Relentless Phoenix Heat Raises Energy Demand

Phoenix is known for its hot summers, but this particular stretch of June heat is causing record energy demand.

A report from the Associated Press indicates Salt River Project, the electric utility in central Arizona, recorded a peak demand of 6,981 megawatts on June 19th between 5pm and 6pm.

The heat doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Using WDT’s SkyWise Insight API, forecast high temperatures for the next week will range between 110℉ and 115℉ (43℃ and 46℃) before finally some “relief” in the middle of next week with highs near 104℉ (40℃).

Daily High Temeperatures for Phoenix, AZ for the period of June 21 — June 28, 2017

Demand on energy is expected to remain high as air conditoners run on overtime to provide indoor relief. Cooling Degree Day values are expected to peak at 22 Celcius CDDs in the next week as overnight temperatures will remain very warm and not provide much relief.

Phoenix, AZ forecast Cooling Degree Days for June 21-June 28, 2017