Renogy Makes Prepping Easy

Perhaps you have a friend or family member that is always prepared for whatever life throws at them. There are those that are merely concerned about the future, and those who actively prepare for the worst. “Preppers” are those individuals that collect items such as food, water, and other essentials to prepare for a disaster or emergency. In other words, Preppers are known for stockpiling items to keep themselves and/or their families safe and secure. As you may already know, having a reliable back-up source of electricity is nearly as essential as having a well-stocked food and water supply. While there are currently many gas generators on the market, there are far fewer solar generators. Unlike gas generators, solar generators do not consume fuel and rely on a completely free and renewable energy source: sunlight. This makes solar generators more reliable, reusable, and quiet than their gas counterparts.

Since the cost of solar has come down in recent years, preppers are adding solar powered devices to their stockpiles. Solar panels and other portable battery devices are perfect for prepping, as they do not require any fuel to run; therefore, you will never need to run to a store to purchase any additional products. In the event that fuel sources are cut off in an emergency, a gas-powered generator would render itself useless, while a solar generator could still provide power. A solar generator, such as the Lycan or Phoenix (both Renogy products), can recharge essential items such as navigation devices, radios, and phones. Both the Lycan and Phoenix also have a built in work flashlight, a great perk if you’re fumbling around after dark.

Both the Lycan and Phoenix include a replaceable Li-ion battery bank, which can be recharged conventionally via power outlet or with solar panels. The Lycan is a portable battery bank that has the capability to power your essential electronics for up to 1000 watt-hours. The Lycan, like the Phoenix, is there for you in the event of a natural disaster. Both can provide sustainable energy when grid power is down. The custom lithium-iron-phosphate battery included with the Lycan allows for up to 2000 cycles and can easily be swapped for a new, fully charged battery. Multiple batteries can be purchased, charged, and then stored and swapped out, ensuring that you will never have a power disruption. Last but not least, the Phoenix includes both AC and DC output options, which allows for easy switching between the two output modes. The Phoenix is available for advanced purchase for $1,299.99; all orders will ship in winter of 2016.

While the Phoenix Generator has 10W of built in solar panels, the Lycan does not. All solar panels used to charge the Lycan must be purchased separately. The Phoenix Solar Generator includes two 10W solar panels, but can be expanded up to 120W (additional panels sold separately). Like the Lycan, the Phoenix includes an interchangeable 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery bank. The Phoenix currently retails for $699.99 and will ship in spring of 2017. If you’re looking for a smaller battery or panel option, Renogy also carries a number of small battery and solar products.

The Renogy camping product line includes a number of smaller solar panels and battery banks that won’t break the bank. These products are less costly than the generators and are designed for on the go charging of small electronics. Take for example the Renogy Drifter 10000mAH Portable Battery Charger. The Drifter is perfect for a busy day of running errands or a long hike in the woods. When fully charged, the Drifter can hold about 3 full cell phone charges (for most devices). To charge the Drifter, simply plug into a standard outlet or use a small solar panel or generator. Priced at only $29.99, the Drifter is sure to provide peace of mind and convenience. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a keychain-sized battery, the E-Go Mini may be just what you need. The E-Go Mini is a 2600mAH portable battery charger that can easily be attached to a keychain. Fully charged, the E-Go Mini can store about 1 full cell phone charge, making it a great accessory in case of an emergency. Both the Drifter and E-Go Mini can be charged with the Renogy EFLEX.5.

Lastly, if you’re looking to purchase a small solar panel to charge a small device or recharge a Drifter or E-Go, then Renogy has you covered. The new Renogy E.FLEX5 is a Portable Solar Panel with USB Port. It uses auto-optimization charging to recover reduced power that is caused by shade. When you’re back in the sun your E.FLEX5 will automatically determine your charging requirements and recover. The E.FLEX5 is a new take on the original E.Flex and offers solar charging anytime, anywhere. Weighing in at only 5.6oz, this little 5W solar panel is perfect for charging a small navigation device, camera, or cell phone. Attach the E.FLEX5 to the exterior of a backpack, shirt, or purse for effortless charging while walking outdoors.

In sum, Renogy has a number of items for preppers to add to their stockpiles. Whether the prepper is looking for a solar generator or just a quick charging device, Renogy carries exactly what he/she needs. For more information about the products, visit the links below:

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