Solar Generators Provide Peace of Mind

Many off-grid adventurers, weary from heavy physical travel and exhaustion, choose a safe place early in the night to rest their heads. If well prepared, these travelers will have the proper navigation equipment and radios to guide them home. Weekend campers, on the other hand, typically bring their families, campers or tents, and several of their favorite electronics for a relaxing weekend away from their busy lives. No matter where your weekend, job, or hobby takes you, chances are that you will be relying on at least one electronic device. That’s why Renogy developed the Lycan Powerbox and Phoenix Generator to ensure that you’re never left in the dark.

The idea for the Lycan Powerbox first came about in early 2015, when Renogy was looking to expand its product line into solar powered generators and other battery products. Although Renogy had been selling batteries for several years, they were common products that could be purchased from nearly any major retailer. On the other hand, solar generators were somewhat few and far between, with only a few major companies manufacturing them. Like many other backup generators, solar generators power batteries, which in turn provide power for electronics. Many of the solar powered generators on the market also include built-in power inverters for simple “plug and play” use, a feature of great convenience. Although there were a few great solar powered generators on the market, Renogy wanted to go one step further by introducing a generator with a completely interchangeable battery option. Not only were the competitor’s products lacking the interchangeable battery option, but they were also heavy and somewhat difficult to transport. Renogy wanted to create a generator that was capable of both easy transport and unmatched user convenience.

The Lycan Powerbox is a portable power generator that is designed to provide immediate power during both leisure and emergency events. Although the Lycan may be charged with solar panels, it can also be charged via wall outlet or car charging socket. Therefore, Renogy would classify the Lycan as somewhat of a solar generator hybrid. If you are taking the Lycan on an off-grid camping trip, your best charging option would via solar panel to avoid searching for an outlet. Renogy carries a wide variety of lightweight portable solar panels, including foldable panels designed specifically for outdoor travel. If instead you’d prefer to haul an extra battery, just be sure to fully charge it before heading off-grid. Whenever your first battery runs out of charge, you can always replace it with your back-up battery.

Weighing in at a mere 60 lbs, the Lycan is significantly lighter than many of the other generators on the market. The exterior of the Lycan features a towing handle and wheels to make transport both easier and safer, an added bonus while on the road. The custom lithium ion phosphate interchangeable battery can provide up to 900 watt-hours of power and can withstand up to 2000 cycles. If you choose to carry a backup battery, you can immediately use the fresh battery after the first one runs out of power. AC and DC output buttons on the exterior of the Lycan allow for easy switching between the two output modes so you can easily power AC or DC electronics. If you’re looking to use the Lycan during an emergency or power outage, an LED work light is attached to the exterior.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Lycan is that it can charge any USB or AC appliance under 1200W! Many tablets, phones, TVs, radios, cameras, and even smaller medical devices such as CPAP machines can easily be recharged with the Lycan. The high charging capability of the Lycan makes it an ideal travel companion, particularly if you rely on a medical device or frequent state parks or wildlife sanctuaries. Unlike traditional gas powered generators, the Lycan doesn’t emit exhaust and is nearly silent, so it is permitted in many state parks. Talk about peace of mind during travel or emergency.

If instead you are looking for a smaller solar generator, Renogy also carries the Phoenix Portable Solar Generator. This compact, lightweight backup power system combines two highly efficient Renogy 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panels and is capable of expanding up to 120 watts. The included 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery is also replaceable, allowing for instant replacement if you have a fresh backup battery available. Just open the generator and place it in the sunlight for instant charging! Like the Lycan, the Phoenix can be recharged with AC, solar, or a 12V car-charging socket. It also includes a built-in power inverter, MPPT charge controller, and 3 Watt work light. Like the Lycan, the Phoenix Generator is silent and does not produce emissions.

No matter where your journey takes you, Renogy has several great products to ensure you’re never left in the dark. Whether you need a backup power system for an off-grid trip, an emergency, or temporary power outage, Renogy has you covered. From portable generators to solar panels and battery packs, you’re sure to find something that fits your unique needs.