A Crypto With An Eye For Speed

May 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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Listen, we love Bitcoin. It’s a secure, P2P payment method that revolutionized the way people send money around the world, so we embrace its innovation. But… the pace that transactions confirm can feel lethargic and the fees can be downright abhorrent.

That is why we have kept what users like, and improved upon the areas that need persistent updating. We think sending and receiving payments should be simple and efficient. You’d like the transaction to be processed quickly, and you’d like it to be as affordable as possible. Well, check out Renos payments for a refreshing change!

Designed with an eye for speed

Bitcoin’s transaction confirmations average around 10 minutes on a good day, but sometimes it can take hours, even under normal usage. When its network becomes congested, transactions may even take DAYS to clear. Here at Renos, we know your time is important and don’t think you should have to wait for digital payments.

That’s why we’ve taken a different approach with Renos. Our transactions are instant and take 90 seconds or less to confirm, so you can make your purchase or transfer funds, and then be quickly on your way.

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Designed to be low-cost

As the Bitcoin network congests, transaction costs skyrocket. It’s not always cheap, and sometimes it becomes downright expensive. A transaction of equal value, paid with Renos (RNS), is almost free, costing less than a penny to send any amount of funds.

We do things different

At Renos, we keep that of which we like and change what we don’t. We think the limits of where technology and mankind can coexist can be pushed MUCH further, and we’ll be there, making that happen. If you want a front row seat, join us in Discord:

Learn more about Renos by following these links:

Website: (you can also find our available wallets here for download)






Bitcoin Talk:

You can also purchase Renos on the following exchanges:




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