The Wait Is Over: Renos History Is In The Making

Jul 6, 2018 · 5 min read
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Before we dive into the massive list of coming upgrades here at Renos. We want to thank everyone for being so patient with us for updates and the continued support that every community member has given to everyone involved with this project. Today we are very happy to let the world know, that not only are we upgrading important areas but we are also bringing everyone what they asked for.

Renos strives to unify community and developmental progress into one set standard. Our coin supply was fairly distributed, as it was airdropped in its entirety during February of 2017. The platform launch also included a modest development fund (approx 3 million RNS) that is secured in 3rd party escrow. It is only spendable for project development.

We utilize Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work, so you don’t have to buy a masternode (or expensive mining equipment) to generate payouts. You could stake a handful of coins or 125k+ coins and still receive proportional rewards.

Best of all, Renos was NOT an ICO and has never asked for funding! There are no founders’ fees or other benefits, nor misaligned incentives that benefit a fortunate few. Rather it’s a fresh cryptocurrency paradigm, a community project where members are joining together to build a secure and private payment platform and as you will soon find out…much more now.

But before we dive into the specifics for the public to wrap their minds around the new Renos soon to unfold, we want to take one last minute to thank BuRNiNBoNeS and Bl4ck for their hard work and efforts. These two have been an outstanding duo of accessible project managers and have been so since Renos’ inception. Our community and fellow team members thank you for all your hard work. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here, releasing such a huge move forward as we are about to do.

And Now…The Announcements!

In the spirit of open source projects, we have begun the next phase of integrating enhanced governance & privacy features into Renos. We have spent a lot of time with our community, listening, in order to utilize their voice while forging a path ahead. Through that we are now pleased to announce we have not only listened but we are well underway with numerous projects. These advancements will bring the Renos family together and allow us to journey down a path of improved security, privacy and community!

We’re pleased to announce numerous new features:

1. We will be integrating Zerocoin protocol into our platform. This represents the most iron-clad security available to blockchain tech. Zerocoin transactions will offer full anonymity, as a RNS specific Zerocoin blockchain will sever all links between inputs and outputs.

There is no swap, no trusted setup amongst devs, no founders fee and the coin supply will remain transparent and verifiable.

NOTE: A further functional overview of Zerocoin protocol is located here for those curious about this addition:

2. Masternode voted, blockchain-funded governance will soon be fully fleshed out. This ensures that Renos will always have a budget, voted on by participating community members via masternodes. Masternodes currently cost ~$500 (30k RNS), so almost anyone wishing to participate in governance can do so.

3. Staking will soon be (optionally) PRIVATE! In wallet, users will be able to convert their RNS to zRNS, and then be paid anonymously to secure the network. Through this technology, third party observation becomes impossible. Newly awarded zRNS will be spendable (burned), as newly minted RNS. Future rewards/ block payouts (90 second target time) will be adjusted to 2 RNS for staking, 2 RNS for private staking and 2 RNS for running a masternode.

We feel strongly that no matter your RNS position, the percentage earned in rewards should be proportional across all users.

4. To perform the upgraded features, heavily updated Renos wallets are required. These are well under development and nearing finalization.

5. We never tire of innovation, and so in that spirit, we’ve saved perhaps the best for last. Renos will soon have our very own decentralized exchange, known as ReDex. Of course, this will include traditional cryptocurrency pairings such as RNS/ BTC and RNS/ ETH. Additionally, we will soon announce pairings in growing utility coin projects showing merit and uniqueness, currently overlooked by larger exchanges.

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There is an active community working behind the scenes to bring further utility to the Renos platform. Eventually, we plan to incorporate Redex into the Renotron wallet platform for even more seamless security and privacy. In addition to the features listed above, Renotron will automate trades between most cryptos across all major exchanges.

An alpha version on Github is currently available for testing (), feel free to give it a test drive as we develop further. To use Renotron’s features, there will be a collateral requirement, secured only in RNS, providing utility for our currency, while stabilizing the coin supply.

Beyond the previously mentioned features, there will be others such as: multi wallet administration for most bitcoin based coins, ability to run multiple daemons from the same user interface, integration of the full Renos wallet, masternode management, trading, account reconciliation & remote management.

Still other projects are being discussed and/ or developed for integration into Renos. Some of these include a mobile wallet, android trading platform for on the go trading and tiered masternode governance. If you’re looking for an honest project, with competent devs aiming for utility and innovation- feel free to hang around and familiarize yourself with Renos. We are pleased you’ve joined us!!

Our Home Is Your Home

We fully understand its summer and lots of family time is on everyone’s horizon. Summer schedules can make it challenging to keep up with so many coming releases, about to hit the public from Renos. So we invite you to take a seat and occasionally check in our Discord community. Over there, we will keep everyone in the know about our upcoming releases, as consistently as possible. We thank all the new members for piling into our Discord lately! The growth has been amazing and the personalities we have met are truly incredible.

Feel free to message our team anytime on Discord @

~Renos (follow us on Steemit )

You can find valuable information about Renos at the following sites:

Website: (you can also find our available wallets here for download)






Bitcoin Talk:

You can also purchase Renos on the following exchanges:



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Need help setting up a masternode? is here for you day or night and can get your Renos MN up and running with their 48 hour guarantee.


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