Space and Cost Saving Ways to Remodel Kitchens For A Small Home

The space crunch in modern homes has led many homeowners and tenants to look for practical and functional ways to maximize the available space without having to spend too much on a remodeling project. One of the most critical aspects of remodeling or renovating a small home is the kitchen- it is obvious that a small home or apartment will have a small kitchen.

So, how can one add more space or a feeling of spaciousness in whatever kitchen area is available?


Focus should be on function at first so that the required meal preparation area, space for appliances and work are sorted as per the needs. Scaling down to save space and incorporating appropriate appliances like pint-sized microwaves, refrigerator and freezer drawers, single sinks and stoves give us the functionality, without consuming undue space.

Smaller-sized kitchen islands and counter-topped carts with wheels that can be rolled away when not in use are great kitchen space-savers.

Opening it Up

To add a feeling of openness to tiny, claustrophobic kitchens, kitchen organization can be altered a little by opting for open storage instead of overhead cupboards and adding features like shelves, pot racks, magnetic knife and spice holders.

In this way, not only will a tiny kitchen look good, but one can also show off his/her prized culinary possessions.

Mixing and Matching Materials

Hiding flaws and differentiating styles is much easier in large cooking spaces, but in case of smaller ones, all aesthetic and architectural elements really need to complement each other.

The mix of wood, metal, fixtures, cabinetry, countertop surfaces, lighting, color and flooring all need to work with each other and add to the look and feel of a small sized kitchen.

Creating Negative Space

While remodeling small kitchens, a lot of designers suggest creating a sense of spaciousness with negative space- this is done by incorporating glass doors, counters, tabletops, cabinet doors and mirrored backsplashes which can brighten up small kitchens.

Choosing the Right Illumination

To get the best of your kitchen space, it is advisable to go for task as well as atmospheric lighting so that neither aesthetics nor functionality are compromised.

Fluorescent lights should be placed in the meal prep area of a kitchen so that working is convenient while incandescent pendant lights should be placed above the eating area for a more inviting look.

With these simple and cost-effective kitchen remodeling ideas for small homes, one can easily free up more usable space and create a better kitchen, functionally and aesthetically.