Practical Steps for Renovating Basements the Right Way

If selling your house in the current market scenario is not an option, but having some extra space is always welcome for you, then chances are that you might find yourself walking back and forth, wondering how your basement can be converted into a more usable and productive space.

A simple answer to this is — there are a number of options of how a basement can be converted into one of the best rooms in the house.

The most economical option happens to be basement renovations. This is because a finished basement increases the value of your house.

Here are a few ways how you can go about the renovations to ensure the best results —


If adding a bathroom is a part of your basement renovation plan, then you need to find your soil stack and check whether the primary drain of the house runs underground or above.

If the drain runs underground, then adding a new bathroom won’t be a problem.

However, if the drain runs above ground, most probably you will be needing a pump and a grinder. This is because water runs down along with gravity. So, if you would like the effluents to go up after a flush, then it would require special equipment.

#Natural Light

Natural light is very hard to come by in basements. This can be solved by installing window wells or egress windows. Such windows are big enough for a person to get out, and at the same time, solve the lighting problems as well. In order to solve water problems, a drain can be installed at the bottom of the egress window.


For deciding upon the height of the basement, the best recourse is to think about how you intend to use the basement. If you intend to use the basement as a gym, then you will need more headroom. If not, then a lower height will do the job.


When it comes to basement renovations, using a waterproof flooring material is a great alternative when dealing with water-related issues. Installing floor drains can solve waterproofing issues to a large extent. The best recourse, however, would be to install a drain that evacuates into a pit and which has a sump pump in it.

It is best to pay for these systems when the basement renovation is underway so that you don’t have to waste money on replacing appliances, furniture, and rugs later.