The 5-Step Checklist before Starting a Home Renovation Project

Renovating a house is a complex task, and may take anywhere between a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of renovation and the size of the house. If not planned in advance, unexpected discrepancies may come up during renovations, delaying the job further.

The different stages of typical home renovation jobs are more or less similar irrespective of the size of the house. This article gives an insight into the step-by-step instructions to follow before starting the renovation:

Step #1: Visualizing the Designs and Layouts

Planning is the first step for anything that involves time and money, and home renovations are no different. Most home renovation firms consult the clients for planning new layouts, and some offer their own designs. For homeowners who want total control of the designs and layouts, consulting an interior designer or researching designs on the web are the best options.

The planned design should be well within the approximate budget set aside for renovation.

Step #2: Hiring An Owner’s Representative

An owner’s representative is someone who oversees the entire renovation process on behalf of the owner. The person should be an expert in construction, and is usually paid 10–15% of the total cost of renovation. The representative monitors every work so that errors and issues are detected before it gets too late.

Step #3: Securing Permits

Most states change their building specifications every now and then, and it is critical that the newly renovated house adheres to the official building standards and regulations of the concerned state. Permits can be secured from the local municipality office.

Step #4: Finalizing the Contract

Once all the official work is done, the next step is to finalize the contract with the home renovation firm. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the contract before signing it. The contract should state every job included in the renovation of your home, the approximate time that each job will take and the estimated cost for each job.

Step #5: Where to Stay During Renovation?

The final decision to make is whether to move out during renovations or to stay at home. It all depends on the scale of the renovation job-if the entire home is being renovated, moving out for a few days is the best option.

If only a part of the house is being renovated, homeowners can opt to stay back.