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How best can Reno area businesses attract and maintain loyal clients?

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Could you imagine with me, a perfect employee? This employee was paid once for their first month of work, then for the next 11 months of the year, they took a 70% pay cut to continue working for your business? Sounds like a dream or serious child labor law issues, right?

Not exactly. Read on to learn more.

What if this employee worked around the clock for your business? Answering common questions, filtering emails to the right office or department, taking orders, processing payments, doing SEO and PPC marketing as well as signing up new email subscribers for your blog or newsletter?

What about sharing your company catalog with hundreds or even thousands of potential new clients for free?

This employee surely would be voted best employee of the century

By now, I am sure you understand that we are not talking about a robot, a child in a 3rd world country. We are talking about every small business secret weapon to outsmart the big guys or competition, your company website.

Most small businesses have an official website. Some are tacky templates that are rarely updated, others huge websites with old school design and usability issues.

These small business websites are really missing out on exploiting all that this virtual ‘employee’ could be doing to help grow your bottom line.

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How To Create The Best Website For Your Industry?

Having a website is the first step to achieving online sales and authority for your niche. Optimizing these websites for sales, signups, social shares, customer support and service or lead generation is where these websites start to earn their keep.

Look at your website from your customers point of view. What are their most common questions? How can you easily answer most of the common support questions your ‘human’ employees deal with on a day to day basis? How can you present this information in a way that alerts your customers that they can get answers to their questions without having to call in to the office?

Design and usability are huge factors in any websites success at reducing that amount of work load your tech support and/or customers service reps deal with daily. Obviously, you want your customers to be in contact with your business regularly, in case you have a new product or service to offer, but, for the everyday, run of the mill questions that bog down the phone lines and your valuable time, you can strategically place this information on your website and social media sites.

How about sales?

Isn’t that why you’re in business? Generating new quality leads daily or weekly are crucial for a business to survive and thrive. Reno Web Design samples.

Having a website designed is only part of the success equation here. Your website should be optimized for the best keywords in your industry. Keyword research is paramount to any solid SEO or PPC marketing campaign.

Most small business rank their website for keywords no one is searching for in Google. You must focus on the key phrases that drive the most quality traffic and sales for your business.

SEO or search engine optimization should be an ongoing task assigned to either a local SEO expert or company that specializes in conversion rate SEO.

Most marketing companies can drive real and/or fake traffic to your website. Conversion SEO experts drive relevant traffic and leads to your website. There is a huge difference.

How do you know if the traffic your SEO company is sending to your website is fake traffic?

Are you tracking the phone calls? Are you tracking the links to your landing pages? Are you tracking the form contact requests? Where are the sales coming in from? What keywords are bringing in the most sales for your business?

Conversion SEO focuses on these questions and more. The goal is to fine tune your marketing efforts, then focusing only on the best converting strategies. A small portion of your marketing should include testing new keywords and opportunities, but after 3 months of testing, your website should be ranking for keywords that are highly targeted to reach new clients and generate sales for your company.

Each day that you waste not improving your web design, not researching best keywords and/or implementing a proven SEO strategy, is one day closer to losing out in your industry. To be successful in business takes a fresh approach to marketing. Being on your toes so to speak. Your website needs to be a companion to your traditional marketing efforts like, billboards, radio, word of mouth, tv, high traffic location and the like.

Best Employee Ever!

Google search is the ultimate foot traffic location.

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