Tips for Fitting as Much Stuff as Possible in a Storage Unit

George Gonzales
Mar 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Storage unit renters are often surprised by how much stuff managers believe their renters can fit into remarkably small units. They aren’t trying to mislead their customers, though; on the contrary, it’s actually entirely possible to fit even a fully furnished two bedroom apartment into a 10'x10' unit. The key to making the most of the space provided by Self Storage Units is, of course, organization; read on to find some tips and tricks that can help.

The Right Boxes

Packing Storage Units in Queens NY is a little bit like playing Tetris; it’s all about adequate planning and smart execution. The first step toward fully utilizing all of the space available in Self Storage Units in Queens NY is to choose the right boxes. Purchasing high-quality boxes that are all similar in size can go a long way toward allowing renters to make the most of vertical space, so it’s worth investing in boxes that will be able to withstand the pressure of being stacked for long periods of time without falling apart.

Dealing With Furniture

Any large pieces of furniture that can be dismantled should be taken apart and wrapped in protective blankets in order to avoid damage. Be sure to keep all the hardware together and put it in a sandwich bag taped to the furniture, as this will make it easier to put everything back together in the long run. It’s a good idea to store mattresses and large pieces of furniture at the back of the unit, especially if they won’t require frequent access, and to utilize space within drawers, shelves, and appliances like ovens and refrigerators to store smaller items.

The Question of Shelving

Purchasing durable shelving allows renters to make the most possible use of their vertical space, even if not all of their items are stackable. It also helps to protect boxes from damage. However, those who don’t want to invest in shelving can also lay boards across the top of their boxes in order to provide structural strength for higher stacking.

Leave Space for Aisles

So far these tips have been about how to fit as much stuff as possible into a confined space; however, this tip relates to how much space should be left open. It’s a good idea to leave an aisle through the middle for easy access to all items in the unit, even if it means having to upgrade to a slightly larger one. Most Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY offer a diverse array of different units at reasonable prices, so it’s worth spending the extra money if it means renters will be able to get to everything without needing to completely unpack their units.

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