“Fried Milk”

Felix & Eric

Assignment 4: Interaction

Idea Generation/Story board Sketches

  1. Deconstructed Cake

The idea here is to invite the guest to build a cake and then smash it before the eat it.

We would present each guest in sets of two to sit down in front of a cake with a “Menu” in front of them.

The menu would be a list of instruction with the last being to turn over the menu for the final instruction. Here they would be instructed to smash the cake or not and then eat it.

Ingredients: Chocolate, cake, syrup and sprinkle toppings.

2. Table Hockey

Guest play each other in table hockey until the puck breaks up.

We then scoop up the broken puck and then serve it to them.

No set Recipe, but an idea on the shape and texture of how to create an breakable, edible puck.

3. Food Art Station

We would set up an easily that two guest would be able to paint an edible art piece.

The idea is to prep gingerbread or cooky like canvas for each guest to draw upon using a food pen (Sur La Table).

We would then invite to the guest to enjoy their own art or hang it on the Art Wall in an exchange for a voucher they could use at any time to purchase someone else food art.

We would also offer to go bags for those who are to full to finish eating their art.

Flavors would be very bright citrus that contrasts well with rich chocolate.

4. Food Fight

The idea here is everyone’s a winner. Using a coin wishing well, the guest would be able to challenge each other to food fight where they would try to be the first to grab the snack-coin before it falls through the bottom.

We would use a set of headphone connected to a single jack and then start a countdown to when the match will start.

Everyone wins in the end and is award an indulgent snack.

5. Cube Vending machine :

Fried Milk cube will be dispensed from a vender machine according to the flavor selected by the customer on the touching screen.(one of us would be needed to sit in to operate)

The following 10 are the old ones.

6. Cinnamon Roll Dispenser

One large cinnamon roll rolled into a dispenser that allowed the user to pull out as much as they wanted.

7. Finger Food

The user put on a food safe glove and applies condiments to finger to dip it main course/desert that is in the center of there palm. Once they dip, they lick. Each finger will deliver an unique taste combination.

8. Advent Calendar

Each day is an indulgent surprise for the guest. The idea is to have a stick serving utensil for each guest to stick through the to dip into a hot gooey treat.

9. Garden of Indulgence

The idea here is to keep the treat almost out of reach for the guest. The guest will hopefully find the treat more rewarding because the effort they had to go to get it.

10. Sensory Depravation

The idea here is to use a combination of hot and cold treats to create confusion leads to new novel experience in tasting and eating food.

11. Fried Milk Sticks

Heated milk mixture with cornstarch, sugar that has been put into the freezer until it has been fully frozen. Then slice it into sticks to be covered with sugar powder.

Story Board Theme: Living Room

12. Sticky Rice Balls

Sticky rice balls filled with “red bean paste”. The “Read bean paste” is smashed and sweetened red beans. Severe cold.

Story Board Theme: Lantern riddle

13. Lotus Roots and Sticky Rice

Fill the holes on the lotus roots with sticky rice, cook in the brown sugar, then serve.

13. Cucumber Ice Cream

The idea here is to treat ice cream as a dip. The saltier the better. Cucumbers are the measure that evenly weighs out this indulgence.

Prototype 1: Table Hockey

Table Hockey Sketch
Ready to Eat “Hockey Puck”

The idea here is to create an experience for the guest to share in creating an unique taste experience. The “puck” is crushed graham crackers mixed with melted sugar.

The idea is for the guest to nock the “puck” back and forth until it broke into a piece. We then would scoop up the pieces into equal portions and serve.

The graham cracker was to hard to be enjoyable.

Left: Puck Molds Right: The “Puck”

Prototype 2: Deconstructed Cake

Sketch of Deconstructed Cake Interaction

The idea here is for the guests to take their time to design their cake toppings and and then to smash it without regard to be eaten with their hands. The exception is that the guest would put on food safe gloves without notice to as why. They would be given instruction that surprisingly lead to them be directed to smash and then eat their cake by their own hand.

Mockup of a possible finished Cake
Left: shape and possible texture options Right: A settled upon shape of a hand
Left: Demonstrated crumble Right: Raspberry sauce, one possible sauce

We were unable to create a cake/cookie we felt that tasted good and was able to hold up to breaking apart as we needed. We didnt want a hard cookie/cake that needed the same force need to break apart that would also would probably send it across the room leaving the guest with nothing to taste, nothing to remember.

Prototype 3: Milk Sticks

Panko Bread Milk Sticks. Left: Plain Middle: Spicy Chocolate Right: Spicy Chocolate with Orange

The idea here was to balance an indulgent treat by washing it away. We wanted to create something different. We knew it needed to be sweet, but we also believed that the guest wanted something that delivered on different. To do the job, we thought that delivering a follow up cool cleansing taste as fast as we delivered on the initial sweet, mouth filling bite, would hit the spot.

Left: frozen condensed milk Milddle: batter Right: fried possibilities we explored

Final Product Iteration and Refinement: Fried Milk, with Milk

We chose to pursue the possibilities of refining our idea of fried milk. Barry suggested that we consider the possibilities of replacing panko crumbs with “cereal crumbs”. It made sense. Fried milk with a grounded up cereal crust was meant to be — cereal that wouldn’t go soggy before you found the time to eat it. We found that a shot of milk rounded out the sweetness and thickness of our dessert.

From Left to right: Lucky Charms, Apple Cinnamon Cherrios, French Toast Crunch
9 cereals, which will remain supreme?
Left: Pectin play on shapes Center: Ground Trix Right: Plated Chocolate Lucky Charms with Marshmellows
Left: Shows ground Lucky Charms Right: Garnishes of choice. Honey (Cherrios), Lucky Charms (for those feeling lucky), Maple Syrup (dash on French Toast Crunch)

We tried a number of variations. The pectin work well in holding the shape of the condensed milk, but didn't hold up in the deep fryer. We found that not every cereal would work either.

Final thoughts: Condensed Milk is densely packed with calories making it ideal for an energy source. It is full of protein too.

Recipe for Fried Milk

For the cereal: Grind a consistency that matches bread crumbs (pulse 3–4 times on high).

We choose fried milk cube to do the refinement. We took Barry’s advice and changed one of our ingredients. We started to use grinded morning cereal powders instead of “tempura fried powder” because we think it is more healthy and also gives people a sense of familiar. Also we decided to served it together with a shot glass of milk because it can wash away the sweetness and thickness of this dessert.

Grinded breakfast cereal (about 250 gram)


Ingredients for fried milk

2 Cups Whole Milk

1/3 Cups Sugar

1/4 Cups Cornstarch

1 Tbsp Condensed milk

1 Cup Flour

¼ tsp Baking Soda

Assembly directions:

1. Add fresh milk, sugar, cornstarch and condensed milk into a saucepan, stir and heat on low.

2. Remove saucepan from heating when it is thick and bubbling (about 30 mins).

3. Wrap a flat-base container with plastic wrap, then pour the milk paste onto it.

4. Put the container into the freezer for 1 hour.

5. Take the container out, lift the plastic wrap to dump the “Milk Sticks” onto a cutting board.

6. Cut “Milk Sticks” into circles (any shape is fine).

7. Mix flour and baking powder together with ⅓ cup of water in a bowl. Mix until the batter is sticky to touch.

8. Dredge “Milk Sticks” in batter.

9. Roll battered “Milk Sticks” in grounded up breakfast cereal of choice until it is fully coated in cereal.

10. Heat oil to 350oF (use the wooden spoon test to check if the oil is ready to fry).

11. Fry each “Milk Stick” for about 10 seconds.

12. Garnish (if you like)

13. Serve warm with cold milk.

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