Excited and Anxious

What exactly is the difference?

Anxiety: Negative, closed minded, scared, fleeing, can’t focus, searching for distraction. Agitated, angry.
Excitement: Positive, happy, hyper, open minded, can’t focus, keeping yourself busy.

On the first look there seem to be differences. But there is one thing that affects all the states mentioned above. Most notable or maybe the only real difference is your state of mind.

Thoughts racing through your mind. Not being able to focus or stay calm. And worst of all, that constant surging energy in your lower stomach. Whether anxious or excited, this energy and the things you actually feel without putting thought to it are the same. But it is your state of mind which affects the rest.

Let me elaborate.
Your emotions create thoughts and these in return create or strengthen the present emotion. It is a continuous loop. Are you anxious? your thoughts will be negative which create more emotions. You’re agitated or angry, closed minded, scared. Are you Excited? The exact same happens but in a positive sense. Yet the feeling in your stomach stays exactly the same.

Personal experience.
Both in an anxious and excited state i can’t stay calm. I’m not focused. Thoughts are racing through my mind. I have a continuous uneasy feeling in my lower stomach. My stomach is contracting upward as in a constant state of fear and fleeing. Headaches come and I am very tired at the end of the day.

When I am anxious I want to keep myself busy to distract myself. Thoughts come up of things I think I want to do (like gaming, eating, drinking, drugs, etc) but these are just thoughts created by the mind to run away from the feeling. But when I am excited the exact same happens again. I want to keep myself busy. As long as I am busy. Aren’t both forms of keeping busy just a way to distract myself from that feeling in my lower stomach? The way you distract yourself is just different.

But what influences your state of mind?
Yesterday morning, like all mornings, I woke up with that surging energy in my lower stomach. I was very anxious, negative, agitated and wanted to do nothing. I did not want to talk to anyone or do anything. I decided to go to my favorite coffee place for a drink to do some work on school and listen to a podcast. I noticed being out of the house and do something had already made me less negative and more happy. Though the energy/feeling in my stomach hadn’t changed.

At night I went to meet a friend who I had not seen in a long time. He and his personality are always very motivating to me. He is very down to earth and always in for fun, but at the same time you can have very deep conversations with him. The night completely changed my mindset. I was happy and had a great time. Yet the energy in my stomach was still there.

The next morning I woke up with that feeling again. That surging energy in my lower stomach. Uneasy. Tensed. It was all the same again. The only thing that had changed since that night was my mindset. I was excited. My state of mind was positive, open, good thoughts and I was looking forward to the rest of the day.

What does this mean?
It is your mind that determines how you look at situations and experiences. The emotion you have about that situation is thus largely created by your mind and this in return creates more thoughts. And seeing that the emotion or the state of your body and what you actually feel is the same when you are excited or anxious, what weight do the emotion and the thoughts have? How can we take them serious?