My path is clouded.
I cannot find the way.
Lost in a dark forest.
Always in a state of intense dismay.

Scattered mind, indecisive on where to go.
Distractions everywhere, pulling me further and further away.

Whoever can help me find my path.
Unable to see it on my own.
The forest grows darker and darker.
Only leading me to a tombstone.

All the tricks I once knew. 
Offer me no solace.
Give me aid in this difficult time.
And seal it with a promise.

I keep asking myself these questions.
Where am I tomorrow, next week or next year?
Unable to look into the future.
All they do is give me more fear.

Taking a random path.
Trying to follow my heart.
Small lights appear on the side.
And I begin my restart.

The only future that matters now is one hour ahead.
Focusing on the task at hand.
No longer breaking.
But firming up instead.

I loosen my grip and regain trust.
The fear will dissipate.
Listening to the guidance given.
And even more fear I will eliminate.

The clouds are disappearing slowly.
More light breaks through.
Giving me a clearer sight,
Of the path I have chosen to pursue.

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