Graphic design meets photography
Eman Alshawaf

My final series of images focused on reflecting back upon events or moments in my life that were formative in my personal identity, and translating the emotion and tone of those moments through images of the locations associated with them as well as different graphic elements physically collaged on the images. Because many of these events were sensitive, personal, and often a secret at the time, I wanted to portray that feeling of ambiguity and uncertainness through revisiting these locations and capturing them without context of the actual event. This allowed me to create a nostalgic and ambiguous quality throughout my photographs while still portraying the emotions driving the moments they reflected.

The conceptual nature of this project was a challenge in deciding how to combine photography and design, but physically interacting with my photos by first visiting the locations themselves, then printing and collaging on top of them helped make the connection between concept and visual display. I really enjoy how my project turned out and I accomplished my conceptual and visual goals through my photography and design process.