PRIMARY — The crypto winter is no reason to hibernate

The last few weeks of 2018 saw a precipitous decline in the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies in general, with only a handful managing to stave off large losses. This has lead to many claims that we are in the midst of a crypto winter. While this may appear to be the case if only the total market values of numerous cryptocurrencies and investments in ICOs are to be taken into account, it is certainly not the mood among dedicated developers of numerous blockchain based decentralized applications such as PRIMARY.

A team working diligently on a viable end product

It is relatively easy to determine at least which projects are sincere in their execution, and which ones have been designed to function as glorified ponzi schemes. In addition to staying abreast of all developmental updates it is also important to understand the intentions of the team working on a particular platform. Sometimes it is easy to forget that ICOs are not meant to be an end unto themselves, but rather to function as a way to raise funds in order to actualize the goals of the development team.

Our commitment towards growing the crypto space goes beyond PRIMARY

The PRIMARY team has consistently backed and supported the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in Berlin, as is evidenced by many initiatives such the creation of a dedicated Blockchain Hub in the city center, as well as actively participating as a host during the Berlin Blockchain Week in September 2018. This commitment to growing together with the global crypto community can be seen in our relationships with the developmental teams working on established projects in the space such as DASH, NEO and Stellar.

Our clear use case means that we will not get side tracked

One of the main reasons the PRIMARY development team believes in the cryptocurrency market is that we see a clear use case for the platform that we are working towards. Our global community is perfectly suited for a single application on which we can link up all of our members, as well as our physical locations around the globe. Most importantly, PRIMARY will act as a single platform for many other brick and mortar businesses to embrace digitalization and gain access to a committed community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and coworkers of all backgrounds.

Developers working on the project

We have a dedicated team of developers working on implementing a minimum viable product (MVP) as per the road map which can be found in the PRIMARY whitepaper. As such we have already developed proprietary technology for an in-app crypto wallet, and have also prepared test EOS smart contracts to begin working out bugs for the release of our live application in 2019.

Investments already being put to good use

Experienced investors have already seen the benefit provided by a platform such as PRIMARY, and have been steadily contributing to our ICO. These investments have already been channeled towards the development of a viable platform which fulfills all of the objectives outlined in our road map. We are currently building the platform itself and will be unveiling the live application within the next few months. Stay tuned for more!

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