Moving in a month or less? Try these tips

From searching through a range of apartments and rental houses to getting everything settled between you and your landlord, the whole process is daunting. And, when moving has to be done within a month or less, it seems like an impossible task.

Cramming what moving professionals say, is a two month process, which has now been cut into a half of that time — seems crazy.

The urgent factors when it comes to moving into a shorter period of time are securing housing, packing your stuff and relocating your possessions and getting your children enrolled in school. All this requires immediate planning followed by the execution of that plan.

To begin, make a note of everything that needs to be there in your checklist — so you can then mark off what has been done.

1. Searching a Place:

It is something that you should do immediately. If you have some friends and relatives in the area, ask them as they may also be looking for a roommate. Check out sites such as for available rental spaces and apartment complexes in your new area. Make sure you have an emergency plan too, in case your apartment lease starts a few days after your moving date. Ask a friend if you can crash on his/her couch for a few days or book a lodging house.

2. Gather Empty Packing Cartons:

Beg, borrow or buy packing supplies to ensure the safety of your possessions. Liquor store boxes are best for packing heavy items, due to the strength of the cardboard material. Moreover, wrap your boxes with contractor-size trash bags. This will save your belongings from getting damaged by the rain if left outside on a garage floor or balcony.

3. Packing:

This will possibly be the lengthiest part of the moving process. Making an action plan will make it go smoothly without much of the efforts. Prioritize your items based on most often used to less often used. Then find a vacant space near a wall to heap the boxes until you are ready to load them into the moving truck.

4. Make a First Night box: Do not unpack any box until you don’t open this one! Inside this box, you should pack clothes, and pajamas, a roll of toilet paper, toiletries, and some food items — basically all those things that you might need on first night at your new home.

5. Hire a team of packers and movers: Because you are in a time crunch, you may need to consider engaging a team of packers and movers. These companies may be costly, but they get the job done fast!

Mainstreet Equity Corp. hopes that these tips will help you with your last-minute move and make your relocation a breeze.