CityFurnish vs vs Rentomojo vs Furlenco — A first hand experience — Updated x 3
ricky goswami

Hey Ricky,

We, at Rentomojo, are delighted to read your reviews. More because you have successfully limelighted the biggest issue troubling the renting space in India today — Risk and Compliance. Documents and details from you and other customers add to our network of trusted individuals. This reliable network not only minimizes fraud, it also enables us to keep the rents low and affordable for you.

We sure are a technology backed company and constantly keep working on improving the technologies to process and safeguard data.

Coincidentally, while you placed the order recently — we were going through a happy dilemma of increased number in orders which delays the data processing a little.

We want to assure you the best experience of renting things (ranging from furniture to appliances to vehicles) which will make moving to a new city seem like a breeze to you.

We stand by the value we talk about: Don’t just own, smartly own. :)

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