What is the proper way to water my lawn?

It’s May now, summer is approaching and the temperature will begin to continuously heat up, so it is important to keep your lawn well watered.

How much to water?

Water deeply, at least one inch per week, this can vary depending on what species you have in your lawn. The most common species in this part of the world would be Bermuda, Centipede, and St. Augustine. Bermuda and Centipede can tolerate less water than St. Augustine. It is important to not over water. Too much water is more harmful than too little water. It would cause poor root growth, leaving you with a shallow root system. This is return could cause your lawn to dry out faster and die from the summer heat.

When to water?

You will want to water in the early morning or evening, preferably morning. In the summer, the peak of the high temperature is right at mid-day. Therefore, if you water at that time you are risking the water evaporating and/or burning your lawn. Do not water at night either. In doing this your are not giving the water time to dry and standing water will cause disease, mold, and mildew.

In closing, it’s simple, water your lawn in the morning at least once a week.