Feeling ashamed to speak in HINDI language ?

Renu Singh
Feb 12, 2017 · 2 min read

A thought came across as to why some Indian friends abroad (especially the female folks) are hesitant to speak in Hindi, even if they belong to North India.

Sense of closeness with our native language (Credit-Pixabey)

I won’t talk about Patriotism here but about a simple platform i.e via language for feeling connected or familiar to your own land. What made me ponder over this is the fact that if anywhere I go-when two people of same nation meet, their conversation is generally in their mother tongue. For instance, I have seen this in my language school- when two Koreans talk to each other , they would speak Korean, two Polish classmates will speak Polish, similarly the Russians or Britons would do the same.

I always craved to meet an Indian friend with whom I could also converse in Hindi in this foreign land. I did have an opportunity to meet few friends in my institute, but my expectations were soon shattered. They preferred to speak in a language other than any Indian national language. Hence, there was no “feel-good-factor” meeting such Indians abroad.

I had an encounter at a big Indian shop in Berlin where the shopkeeper, who was an Indian woman, greeted and talked only in German, knowing fully that I too was an Indian — this later made me think- if such people are self conscious of being judged if they speak in their native language.

Believe me, when I visit Islamic or a particular country’s shops or bistro here- both the shoppers and the cashiers speak their own language i.e. Turkish or Arabic etc. It seems so frustrating when the same scenario is not displayed by people working at an Indian shop or with other fellow Indians.

I don’t have any idea how this situation is among Indian men, when they meet each other in such countries where no English is spoken. They would perhaps speak at least English or Hindi or Hinglish (mix of Hindi & English).

Our nation puts a lot of stress on English. Good, but if you speak in Hindi- it might portray you as not so educated or looked down upon. This is a sad state in India. But how does it make a difference in countries where no “ENGLISH” is spoken, where everything becomes foreign and if you get homesick and top of it— your Indian community reciprocate in foreign language, then welcome to the “World of Arrogance or Rudeness”.

Generally, there is a lot of superficiality among Indian community abroad. This was just one point I found weird.

I am not sure if any of you also had similar experiences where you realized something is just not right, if two Indians meet abroad.

Please do share so that we can know and thereby improve ourselves and represent India in good state abroad.

Renu Singh

Written by

German language professional

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