This is taken with a grain of salt, think about it.

Don’t rush, don’t be in a hurry, don’t do it because everyone else is doing it, don’t give into peer pressure!

Its ok to say it, its your first time, it’s my first time. It’s ok to say you…

Sometimes the push to stay down is so strong,

On a cloudy day we have to see the light,

On a rainy day each drop splatter is different,

Life on the whole is so giving and so loving,

It’s easier said than done for some,

There is a pull and…

Sometimes we get out of touch,

Not sure how out of touch is supposed to feel,

Is it like the sun without the clouds?

Is it like the night without the stars?

Without the clouds or stars or moon,

We stare into the abyss wondering,

How could this be,


Sometimes in life there is an experience, it is a new experience. When you sit and think of it, everything that is new is a new experience.

Except for this.

This takes time, it’s time to learn and it may change you.

It’s ok to change, as long as you…

I miss you,

You are right here,

Our hi, isn’t the same anymore,

Our smile isn’t the same anymore,

It’s much deeper than that,

For we know in our heart we want more than that,

The work for more we did it,

We deserve it,

If ever there was two…

I wonder,

I stop to wonder,

If you see me or know me at all,

Or am I the night sky without stars?

A flower without its petals,

The petals floating in the wind waiting for you to catch one of them,

So sweet,

So innocent,

The scent of their…

It may simple enough,

Saying the right thing at the right time,

Obviously not in this moment,

Mistakenly I used the wrong words in this moment,

It’s a given I think, not sure,

There is so much to ask,

There is so much to learn and need to know,


The wind can be bad on a very good day,

The ocean can be very angry on a beautiful day,

Sometimes the bees just want to sit in the flower and not pollinate,

It’s a it day,

Maybe a lazy day,

Its nature,

Its life,

I can create war and…

Once easy and twice innocent,

It was hammered on and now twice hard,

Trust, so innocently given,

So, blind it didn’t see around the corner,

Why do I have to harden myself to what you don’t understand?

Why do I have to harden myself to what you don’t appreciate?


I saw you looking at me side eye over there,

The sun in my eyes I saw you over there,

Look at how beautiful the clouds are,

All rippled like gently waves washing up from the ocean,

Confused we both know I was hurting on the inside,

That was then…

Renuka Ramesh

Write from the heart, write with the tears that flows. Don't let the chance pass by, take it grab it.

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