The New Age: Misdirecting Us From Our Truth

You’ve probably heard this sort of thing before — love and light. Own your own power — don’t let them take it away (self-empowerment messages). But do you know what the ‘lightworkers’/new age healers are really doing to you?

On the surface the types of patter above seem innocuous. However, this is the little-known trap of ‘positive spirituality.’ There are countless healers out there all playing to our egos, at the same time enlarging theirs as well as their wallets. They tell us what we want to hear, that everything is all ok, we are love and light. These are actually dangerous programs. The new age or rather new (c )age is a cult. Yes, I said it. They have a cult following and manipulate you, extort from you and leave you still looking for the solution. Not only that but they plagiarise from indigenous cultures and warp their ill-gotten takings into what can best be described as trash. Not good for you at all.

May I illustrate an example of a ‘healer’ leading people astray called Joy, who is based in Australia. I knew Joy as Irene when I met her in 2013, we were both volunteers with Kosmic Fusion and members of a Facilitator in Training (FiT) programme, by the Grace of Sree Maa, our revered Guru, who teaches us and guides us in the ways of Santana Dharma or what many know as Hinduism. Irene subsequently became Komal and then Joy. Why would she change her name so often?

The problem with positive spirituality is that it ignores the flat tire. If you own a car and only focus on the three good tires will you get anywhere? No, you need to address the damaged parts and put in effort to fix the tire! In the FiT programme, Sree Maa graciously and painstakingly helped us to see that we need to look at the shades of our small self (ego) and our dark traits. Sree Maa did this all without any compensation for countless hours of Efforts and Labours to help us see our whole self. This business of ‘awakening’ that really is a business is a have. You simply cannot awaken by spiritually bypassing your hidden self, the shadow and dark parts you’d prefer not to look at and remain in ignorance and delusion.

Joy has named her business Awakening with Joy. You can see from her photo below that she is imitating Tesla, this while her hero product is Tesla teachings. Although this may seem funny to some, Joy is great at subliminal messaging and has a grandiose complex. She wants us to see her on par with Tesla.

In the example below, you can see Joy pedaling Multi-dimensional Healing in a guided meditation. Hand on heart I can tell you that Joy has taken the property of Kosmic Fusion, being multi-dimensional healing with the Signature of the Source/Void, and then warped it into a guided meditation by her very own self.

Below Joy talks of the Twin Flame, something she knew nothing about before meeting Sree Maa. Joy gives no credit here to Sree Maa, instead passing herself off as the expert. This tactic of ‘copy & pasting’ new ©age healers employ big time as a bedrock to their businesses.

Now below we see Joy talking about 3D, 4D and 5D matrixes. Again, she has taken a key Teaching from Kosmic Fusion and changed it into a synthetic product. She added in the matrix part and created a story around this to pull you in. See here she mentions the Creator but it is with a small c. This is because the Joy I know thinks she is above the Creator.

I must emphasise that to awaken is to see the you that you have hidden from yourself, to see the disowned shadow self. Transformation is then possible to awaken to your True Self. This is not an overnight thing that can be bought. I’m still looking at my grey shades, and yes, it is uncomfortable and hard sometimes, but without doing this I am letting my subconscious rule my mind, emotions and behaviours. And let me tell you some of these aren’t pretty!

I’ve shown you some examples of a new cage healer ripping off Kosmic Fusion’s proprietary property for their own gain. This from a former student of Sree Maa, who asked for nothing from Joy for more than 6 years of personal dedication from Sree Maa to help her to look at her inner shadow. Wow, that is next level, right?!

I hope this little blog can stir something in you and make you feel uncomfortable. The quick fix plastic healing industry has a lot to answer for. It will take you away from Self-Realisation. There are no shortcuts that you can pay for. Believe me I’ve tried most of them. We all must work on our negatives so we can learn and grow. If we only focus on the positives, we stagnate and can’t fulfil our potential. We needn’t live a half-life looking for external answers to mollycoddle our insecurities, when the truth is within us, we just need to examine it.