Poem: No Form Without Information

Ren Williams
Apr 7, 2018 · 1 min read

No form
without information
listen to every word
of the conversation
don’t miss a sentance or syllable
there’s no knowing
what’s really happening
until the very end.

I’ve seen worlds end
too early in the morning
and people wake
so late in the evening
to change the course of their own fates.

No form
without information
and no way out
without a way in.
Start at the beginning
and don’t ask for anymore
until you’ve finished
what you’ve already been given.

Those worlds end
without question
debate demands
logical inquisition that can make the difference.

No form
without information.

r.l.w — 7/4/18


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Ren Williams

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[all pronouns] Genderfluid human writing about mental health, sexuality, writing, poetry and geeky things. rwilliamswriter.co.uk

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