Let’s continue to build Product Hunt, together
Ryan Hoover

I was hoping for a point-by-point discussion of issues raised by Ben Wheeler, but found none. This response is tepid and somewhat evasive. I wanna know: are products able to bypass the traditional vetting process and get straight to the home page? Why and how? Are those with vested interests in certain products required to reveal their stakes, financial or otherwise, or is disclosure merely a suggestion? The issue of curators or other “insiders” paving the way for front-page placement is a serious one, if true. Not because it’s wrong, but because it belies the idea of Product Hunt as purely a meritocracy. Nothing wrong with insider access per se; some people simply have more privilege than others. It’s just that looking through what turns out to be a manicured list is akin to staring at a Google Search page that doesn’t mark some of the search results as being placed ads. Also, aren’t PHers concerned this leaves too many potentially good products out in the cold? What about products that supposedly got many upvotes but still can’t seem to find the light of day?

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