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What happened when you complain aimlessly? How complaining impact your health and goals? Discover here the alternatives to get what you want

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Imagine you are in a restaurant, you order soup, and it is cold. After you take your first bite you express, “Ough! This soup is so cold,” and here is the difference: you continue saying, “This restaurant always brings me the soup cold. …

Know more about how to get a job as creative executive for Netflix in this exclusive interview with Mike Jones

An exclusive interview with a Netflix Creative Executive Recruiter
An exclusive interview with a Netflix Creative Executive Recruiter

Originally published at serproducer.com on February 7, 2020.

Mike Jones, a Netflix Recruiter, gives advice and describes his job as a Creative Executive Recruiter at one of the biggest streaming companies in the world.

Jones’ job is to work with large studios and production companies in and around Hollywood to seek those creative executives that will find content for Netflix.

How did you find yourself in the creative recruitment position?

I’ve worked for Netflix for about two and a half years, beginning in engineering recruiting, moving to LA, working on Post Production recruiting and was asked to move into the Creative Executive recruiting role that I’m currently in now.

What’s the role of a creative recruiter exactly?

I recruit Creative Executives to work on our domestic Original Films, Documentaries, and Comedies. …

Jesse shares why he is a creative and imaging director for iHeartRadio and makes a 400-mile commute to follow his dreams in New York City.

Originally published at serproducer.com on January 30, 2020.

From Cleveland, Ohio, Jesse started in radio as early as 19 years old as a promotions assistant at a local radio station. Later he worked as a commercial production director for several years. In the last 2 years, he moved to New York City to write, produce and do voice-over work for the iHeartRadio app.

An example of patience, resilience, and tenacity. While his family still lives in Ohio, he drives over 400 miles on the weekends to see them.

He shares his passion for music and valuable advice to people that want to start in the audio production industry. …


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