The Martina Castro Story

How this Latina Built her Career in Podcasting

Martina Castro, an expert podcaster shared her secrets on the podcast industry, why she became an audio producer, and how to get started in the industry.

Renzo Esposito
15 min readJan 17, 2020


Originally published at on January 17, 2020.

This article was created based on an interview where we talk almost one hour in Spanish, and later I translated it. If you don’t have enough time, you can check out the main topics in the following table of contents.

Martina Castro, expert podcaster

Martina Castro beginnings

Q: What do you consider yourself?

I definitely consider myself American because I was born and raised here. But I always had a long-distance love affair with Uruguay, because it’s where both of my parents were born. Also, since I was 6 months old I have been on a plane to Uruguay every year of my life. So, it’s not for nothing that I feel that connection with Uruguay.

Q: Did you study journalism? Or a related career?

I couldn’t study journalism because I was studying at a liberal arts college that didn’t allow me to study anything considered a trade. Their philosophy is to prepare you for any career. It’s a particular style of education from the United States.

Q: When did you start interacting with audio and journalism?

Actually, I’ve always been involved with singing. I would say that I come from the world of music, which is closely related to audio, and therefore, to the radio. The interest in journalism began when I was in college, and in my second year, I met my mentor, Doug Mitchell, who worked at NPR (National Public Radio).

When I met him, he was looking for someone to write a blog about what it is like to be young and enter the world of media. It ended up being the first blog in NPR’s Next Generation Radio program.

Then I applied for an internship at NPR that I didn’t get the first time, but did get the second time I…



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