All is about codes

When we hear about codes, most of times we think in coding.

But there is many codes out there: languages, talking ways, some particular lexicon, etc.

Think about it. Have you ever heard a lawyer or doctor talking? They talk in a very strange manner, both can talk about the same thing in two totally diferents ways.

The same happens when you hear a someone younger than you. Young people speaks a slang that you don’t understand, your slang is oldie for them (it’s hard to assume, I know).

Even you speak the same language, this happens. Yesterday, I was talking to somebody and I showed him my resume. So he told me something like “you have to translate this to spanish from Spain”, I was astonished because I talk spanish but from Latin America. Of course, he was talking about a code, about the Spanish way to say something.

So if you want to get involve in any group like a pro, you have to master its code.