Everyone knows what the digital space looks like right now in the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, but this article is an inside-look at how the digital space is evolving in a unique and quiet Asian country, Laos.

With just over 7 million people and with a majority still spread out across the provinces, this a country that is feeling the growth and emergence of digital in an entirely different way than say, China, or its Southeast Asian neighbours that either have a larger population (like the Philippines) or a more developed country such as Singapore.

Here are some observations I’ve…

As it stands now, I currently see two directions for any upcoming social platform.

Option A:

A social platform that addresses the current issues and challenges that are faced or have been brought about by our current social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Option B:

A social platform that rides the next tech platform, whether VR, AR, or AI

While there can be a social platform that actually combines both options, I haven’t really thought of how they can address those issues while also building a fun and new experience.

For example, while quietly scanning the latest updates of your friends through your iGlass, will there be an advertisement based on what you previously looked at in real life? Will there be another ad by another troll or hacker group looking to undermine democracy and affect your vote?

While option A can help make your…

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Youtube.

These are examples of notable social platforms that a lot of people use on a daily basis. In the past, these platforms would be full of baby pics, beautiful travel shots, democracy-leading movements, and unboxing videos.

Now, it’s full of #fakenews, abuse, trolls, and weird videos.

No platform is perfect but these platforms — which focused on algorithms and just breaking things have led to dissonance around the world today.

These platforms, which were mostly built by the same group of people — white, male — did not account for all the issues that numerous…

My take on how Facebook and Google will make use of AR and AI

Facebook’s AR UI vs Google’s AR UI


Last month, Mark Zuckerberg took the floor at the F8 conference and told everyone that they were “making the camera the first augmented-reality platform”.

Just this May, Google introduced their new technology, the Google Lens, which will allow you to identify a restaurant or the kind of flower you’re currently pointing at with your smartphone’s camera.

Both companies focused on providing info on inanimate objects or adding virtual objects (ex. …

My personal ranking of the best tech companies of 2016

2016 will be a year that many will want to forget but while we were struck in the face by the dark side of human society, one positive was that we were able to see the achievements, shifts, and surprises by the tech companies.

This is a personal list of the best tech companies based on what they were able to accomplish and show this year, while also including the negatives.


Learning Bootstrap, Sketch, and Meteor

What a time to be alive. Apart from my other hobbies such as traveling and playing video games, it’s a great time for people to easily create something that can provide value for others.

From products like Uber and Product Hunt to VR headsets and wearables, anyone, and absolutely anyone can create a product that can make people’s lives better. Whether you’re in America or in Asia, you can create anything you can imagine. All you’ll need is hard work, dedication, and the internet.

Right now, I’m currently learning three tools that I know can…

Simple guide to social media marketing

Just three simple things to remember when marketing on social media:

1. Engage, not Sell

This means offering value to your consumers through relevant content. Brands tend to focus on creating posts that just sell their products which should not be the case.

People use social media to connect and to consume relevant information. Yes, it is important to sell, but do it after engaging with your consumers.

2. Experiences, not Products

Once you do create content selling your product/service, it is important to focus on the experience.

Experiences set you apart from your competitors. What will your consumer feel when they use your product or service? …

How being immersed in different cultures shaped me

My mother likes to tell me that a big house won’t ever compare to a travel experience.

And I do find that true.

As of now, I’m 22 years old (almost 23). I’ve been to 12 countries and lived in two. Traveling has given me more than material things ever could, which is an abundance of memories and knowledge. But more importantly, an appreciation of the different cultures around the world.

I started to travel when I was just a baby, with my mom(a traveler), taking me to different places in the Philippines. …

A battle of next-gen consoles have begun

This year, we saw the launch of two next-gen consoles which would be battling for all the gamers’ money, especially this coming holiday season.

Playstation 4 was unveiled first around February. Though they did not show the console, Sony showed their focus on games. They introduced different indie developers and their games coming to the PS4 as well as their PS4 exclusives like Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall. All in all, it was a conference that created excitement for their system.

On the other hand, before Microsoft even had a chance to show off their console, rumors of…

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Digital Strategist. Traveler. Gamer. Tech Enthusiast.

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