View of Silicon Valley from an outsider

According to Google, I am 11,257 miles away from Silicon Valley.

Yet despite the thousand miles and the huge ocean between, I feel like I know enough about Silicon Valley. (Yet feel free to disagree and correct me) My sources range from Techcrunch, Medium, and Product Hunt to numerous books on startups and famous entrepreneurs. :)

I ‘m a Silicon Valley guy. I just think people from Silicon Valley can do anything. — Elon Musk

First, if you live and work in Silicon Valley, you’re extremely good or extremely lucky. You can code, design, or pitch an idea. You have connections. You have a degree from either Stanford or Harvard.

Or if none of the above, you may also be a hustler or a super hard worker. So yeah, those are the people I envision living and working in Silicon Valley.

Next, in Silicon Valley, it’s easy to start working on an idea. Apart from the wealth of talent and connections, it seems like there are VCs and Angel investors just throwing money at ideas and hoping something sticks.

Compare that to Manila, where my initial observations of the startup scene here are: Not enough investors nor money to go around and not enough talent. Well, it may be because it’s still a developing country. Or that investors are focusing more on ideas that help the poor. Or because few people want to risk going at starting a business versus working for a multinational company.

Lastly, there is a community. No, not just a group of people living in the same vicinity, working the same job. But an actual community of people working towards their goal, helping one another, celebrating each one’s success and supporting each other during their failures.

These are my initial thoughts on the tech haven that is Silicon Valley. I may be wrong in some or all my thoughts, I may also be right. One thing is for sure, one day, I’ll see for myself what Silicon Valley truly is and hopefully, be happy being a part of it.

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