New Draft, Who dis?

Have you ever wondered why we keep seeing the same teams at the bottom of the league? It’s because of the current way that the draft lottery is set up. Teams get a higher chance to receive top picks the worse that they perform. So basically we get to see these NBA teams perform what is called “tanking”, a term used throughout the sports community which means purposefully doing worse in order to get young prospects on their team via the draft. The NBA recently changed this for the better. It’s important to because it takes effect in two years, the whole league will be transformed when the odds of receiving a higher pick are significantly more even as well as lower. The best team in the league could get the number one pick now…its kind of insane. No more purposefully losing, this is something I support and agree with to the fullest. The NBA has made the best move, combating the strategy of tanking is fully supportable by me.

Lets take a quick stroll down history lane for a sec while we look at the Sacramento Kings and where the old draft process got them. According to RealGM since 2008 the kings have had picks considered “lottery” or top fourteen picks in the draft. Even after all these years they haven’t had a winning record, they’ve been tanking. Nobody likes it. Fans don’t like. General managers don’t like it. Owners don’t like it. Ask yourself this, do I like watching my team lose? If your answer was “no” or “nah’ or anything like that feel free to leave now, or in two years like this ridiculous draft, either way you’re gone the new draft isn’t. The kings have gotten lottery pick after lottery pick for the last 9 years, they’re still losing. If you don’t believe that owners hate losing check out this statement by the previous family that owned it. The Maloof family basically sold the team to the new owner, Vivek Ranadive, because the kings had been losing, and are still losing.

In the article titled “NBA Reportedly Passes Anti-Tanking Draft Reform, Player Resting Rules” by Mike Chiari he states “The new system doesn’t necessarily give teams that are out of contention any incentive to win, it lessens the likelihood of a tanking team getting rewarded with the top selection, due to the odds of getting the number one pick being lowered to 14% per eight worst teams.” If any sort of reform “lessens the likelihood of a tanking team” then it’s the right type of reform. The odds being significantly lowered to 14% means that they, being NBA teams, gain no advantage whatsoever for deciding to throw their seasons away for the hope of that ever so sought number one pick. Don’t get me wrong there are some teams that just won’t win in today’s NBA. Chiari does have a point saying there is no “incentive to win”, I agree whole heartedly with this statement, because it’s true. The New York Knicks have a very slim, finite chance to win the NBA title, lets say it’s .001% or some other percentage that’s considered microscopic. The Knicks have been trash for the past eight years, most fans that follow basketball see this as a general knowing. I’ll guess that they’ll be right around the same they’ve been this year. What point do they have to win? Theres no way they will be able to take out the Cavs, the top team in their conference, much less even win enough to even make it to the NBA playoffs. What hope do they have? Building through the draft, but soon with time we won’t see these teams that we love destroying their seasons in the hope of that number one pick when it’s just the same odds as other teams.

NY Knicks Record

In conclusion, the NBA has had a problem with tanking for a long time. In 2019 we won’t have this issue anymore. The teams will want to make the best decisions today, so that in the future they aren’t left trying to rebuild their franchises. Tanking is pretty much being negated, which gives teams that incentive they’ve needed to go night in and night out and strive to be the best they can be. Who really wants to see their team lose, and lose, and lose some more? This is why the NBA draft reform is an amazing thing, I support it and so should you.

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