Reolink setup with Alexa, Reolink support for smart home.

Reolink support Guide
Feb 19 · 3 min read

We all want little bit of ease while at home and smart home concept has actually made things lot easier for us. Every new device you want to add to your home has smart home capabilities and same goes for Reolink security cameras. Thanks to the Reolink security cameras technical team that enabled its cameras to work with Alexa & Google Home. There is no doubt that the Reolink security cameras will bring more convenience to your daily life and also build a smarter home capable to run on your voice command. Reolink offers one of the best IP cameras that are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant?, and we will discuss about the Amazon Alexa smart home Reolink camera setup. Please remember the smart home option is available only under Reolink cloud account.

When setting up Reolink smart security cameras to work with Alexa make sure your cameras and Amazon Alexa are up and running. You need to know the login information of your Reolink and Amazon account. To setup the Reolink cameras with Amazon Alexa, you would need the Reolink App and Amazon Alexa APP on your mobile device and your Amazon Echo show or Amazon Echo dot device along with your Reolink device. The smart home option is available only under the Reolink cloud account, please try below steps for setup.
1: On your Reolink App log in your cloud account and if your dont have please create one and there you will see the Smart Home option.
2: When you tap on smart home option, it will show you the list of cameras and you have to enable the device you want to add to Amazon Alexa in the Smart Home page. Select the device you want to enable for smart home setup.
3: On your mobile device, Go to your Alexa App then tap on “Devices” in the bottom right corner. Go to your smart home skills and enable smart home skill and search for the Reolink smart home and enable it for use.

4: It will open up the Reolink page and ask for Reolink account login information and once you login there, it will show “Reolink Smart Home has been successfully linked”. Now click on done for next step.
4: Now its time to discover your cameras via Alexa app. In Alexa app tap on “Discover Devices” or you can use voice command and say “Alexa, discover devices”. Alexa will scan and show the devices linked to your Reolink account. Select the option to choose group or skip the steps and hit “Set Up Device” and hit Continue to finish setup. You are done with the setup.

To test your camera, launch the Amazon Echo device say “Alexa, show the camera ( camera name which was setup in the Reolink app) ” to view the live stream and say ““Alexa, stop the camera ( camera name which was setup in the Reolink app)” to stop the live stream. If it works you are all set with integration of your Reolink cameras with Amazon Alexa. Some users may find it difficult to sync cameras with Alexa app so please try to reboot cameras and your mobile device and try again. Still you need further help Dial Reolink support phone (818) 697–9822 or you can also call Amazon support for more help. Reolink camera setup support is available 7 days a week to handle any end user queries for Amazon Alexa smart home integration.

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