Reolink camera setup

Reolink support Guide
Jan 31 · 2 min read

Points to remember during Reolink camera setup

The use of cameras:

It is the most important part during setup that what we want capture and when. Reolink gives you multiple settings option to arm the camera according to your needs. Some like to setup reolink camera on phones while other may prefer computer or their home monitor display. understand the important location and areas that you would like to cover with Reolink security system and then opt for the best camera angles, numbers and other factors for reolink camera setup.

Understand the basics of Reolink camera setup:

Every camera that you install make sure you understand the basics of setup and follow the sequence of setup. Reolink wireless cameras should be setup before installing in or outside the house to avoid inconvenience.

Use recommended Reolink software:

There are so many third party software’s available for security cameras but prefer using the recommended Reolink software like Reolink client or app for setup to avoid complications. Reolink provides these free tools for for best camera experience.

Network for Reolink camera setup:

Reolink cameras functionality is dependent on your network, so make sure you have a stable and properly configured network for seamless viewing experience. Make sure you know the wifi password to begin with. If you have questions or issues with your network, please dial Reolink support number for quick help with camera setup.

Use Recommended Reolink accessories:

Always use Reolink recommended accessories for your cameras. Understand how you want to install the cameras and get required hardware as shown with product details on website or catalogue. If your are unsure please vist the Reolink product info page to know more about the camera and see how it works and what things you would need in addition to fulfill your requirements.

To begin with Reolink camera setup download and install the required software according to the device that you are using for setup. Open Reolink software and follow onscreen instructions for adding device and connecting it to your home or office network. Once the software shows up the device click on it and add device name and password and your setup is complete and then setup the features of the camera according to your requirements. Contact Reolink support if you face any issues during reolink security camera setup for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Reolink support:

Follow the steps given in the reolink camera setup guide by reolink support and within minutes your device should go live. For any issues during setup dial Reolink support number .

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