Gum Recession Treatment Options

Gum Recession Treatment Options In 2018

Gum recession is a common problem in today’s life. A report shows that 30% of the population may be susceptible to the problem of gum recession, no matter how healthy their teeth and how much they take care of their teeth. [1]

Basically, it is a dental issue, where the gums and the teeth lose its grip, because of the muscle getting weak. If you are ignoring the problems, then ultimately you have to face a lot of treatment and pain later on. If you are able to see the symptoms of sensitive, painful and gap or pockets between the teeth, then it is better to get your dentist notice about it, so that he can start the treatment.

Why Gum Recession Take Place?

Gum recession is a process, where pockets or gap is seen between the gum line and the teeth, which are caused because of the losing gum tissue of the margin of the teeth, resulting in showing the underneath part of the teeth or the root also. This process ultimately results in loss of teeth, sensitivity or bacterial attract which may cause some other type of dental problem. It is better to go to your dentist, as soon as you find out this type of symptoms in your teeth. It is not something, that you should ignore, which will chase more problems to you only. If the treatment is done one time, then it would be any caused of problems, but if not then will end up getting more dental problems.

Periodontal Bacteria

The problem of gum recession, starts because of the periodontal disease, these are a type of gum bacterial infections, that slowly and steadily start destroying the tissues of the gum and as well as the supporting bone, that is responsible for the muscular hold of the teeth on proper place for years. In other words, you can say that that gum disease is wholly responsible for the process of gum recession and if not taken care of on time, then it will ultimately result into the loss of tooth, because of the week hold between the tooth and the gum line of the tooth. Read more in (Google Docs)

Genes Matters

Gene is also reasonable for the gaps created between the teeth and the gum line. Here the genes play an important role resulting in gum recession, which may start as early as age 5 or in the old people also. This factor can be controlled by anyone; what you can do is that once you see the sign, then visit your dentist and he will help you to get rid of the problems by the proper treatment for you. Even the way you brush your teeth also plays an important role of getting gum recession problems in your teeth.

Technique Of Brushing

Many people like to brush their teeth as hard as possible, this aggressive brushing or to be correctly said the wrong way of brushing, also end up getting gum recession, as the enamel of the teeth can get worn off easily because of the wrong way of brushing, which ultimately result into the occurrence of gaps or pockets within your teeth and the gum line. Insufficient care of your teeth may also consider one of the problems of gum recession, so it becomes very important that you take proper care of your teeth, rather than getting pain and other dental problems for no reason. Learn the proper way of brushing which should be soft and should be able to clean all the corners of the area properly, to avoid the risk of gum recession in your teeth. [2]

Mild Gum Recession

As soon as the degree of this problem is lower, than your dentist can conduct the deep cleaning of the affected area. The procedure of deep cleaning involves the careful removal of the tartar and plaque that is build up on the root surface and teeth below the gum line. This procedure is also known as root planning and as well as tooth scaling. The infected area is smoothed because of the procedure which makes the bacteria get removed easily even the antibiotics may be given in the mild case to remove the bacteria.

Type Of Surgery:

If the problems are not getting treated with the help of deep cleaning, then the damage can be repaired by gum surgery. [3]

There are different types of surgery which can help to reduce the problem of gum recession. Let us go, through some of the surgical procedures, which may help to get rid of the gum recession problem in your teeth. Read more at (Google Sheet)

Pocket Depth Reduction:

In this procedure, the periodontist or the dentist, simply folds the affected tissues of the gums, which removes the bacteria causing problems on the pockets or the gap. Then the snugly is placed over the root of the tooth, which secures the tissue of the gum, this helps the pockets to get eliminated or reducing the size as well.


This procedure involves the regenerating of the lost bone and the tissue of the gum, which has been destroyed because of the gum recession. Regenerating material like graft tissue, tissue-stimulating protein or membrane is applied, so that the body gets encouraged to regenerate the bone and as well as the tissue of that particular area, which ultimately secure the root of the teeth. [4]

Soft Tissue Graft:

The most common type of tissue of the gum graft procedure is called connective tissue graft.

There is some other type of procedure as well in this type of surgery, but this one is the most common. Here in this procedure, a flap of the skin from the roof of the mouth, which is called palate, from this the tissue is removed which is called sub epithelial connective tissue and then it is stitched to the tissue of the gums, which is exposed to the root.

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These are some of the surgeries, which can be performed when the damage to the teeth is extreme because of the gum recession. The mild gum recession can be performed for the person, who had gone through the gum recession problems recently.

Non-Surgical Gum Recession Treatment

Studies show that more than 50% people are suffering from receding gums is due to some gum disease. And gum disease is due to bacterial infections which destroy total gums and also infect teeth. This will result in severe pain in gums and also teeth and also leads to gum receding. Many people are infected with this disease.

If you are brushing your teeth aggressively it can remove enamel from your teeth and results in gum receding. [5]

Dentist generally uses grafting technique to treat receding gums which is very painful and expensive. In this process they remove the effected tissue and graft it in receding gums. Now a day’s dentists are using Pinhole Surgery technique which is painless and many are going for it.

You can get even better results by using an all-natural gum recession treatment and save thousands of dollars and pain associated with it.

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