The following is a transcript of episode 1 of Rep. Jayapal’s podcast, OUTSIDE IN. In this episode, Rep. Jayapal reflects on the current impeachment inquiry and invites Supreme Court lawyer Neal Katyal to share his thoughts. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Hello! My name is Pramila Jayapal and I am thrilled to welcome you to the inaugural episode of my new podcast OUTSIDE IN.

Ever since I was first elected in 2016 to represent Washington’s 7th District in Congress, I’ve wanted to explore this platform as a way to share my thoughts and reflections from within Congress, in…

September 11, 2018

Thank you to the Department of Labor for engaging in these important listening sessions and I welcome my esteemed colleague from California, Representative Mark Takano, to Seattle and I thank him for being a steadfast champion on this issue. Most of all, I thank the workers who have come together today to demand fair pay for their work.

Workers are the backbone of our communities and our country. Without them, there would be no economy. And yet, too often, millions of workers are taken advantage of, and forced to work well beyond a 40 hour workweek without…

Remarks are prepared:

Hello my fellow progressives, resisters and fighters for justice! I am Pramila Jayapal and I’m proud to represent Washington’s 7th District in the U.S. House, proud to be the first Indian American woman in the US House of Representatives, the first person of color that Democrats in Washington have sent to the US Congress, and yes, a proud IMMIGRANT, one of only about a dozen members of Congress born outside the United States. And, important for this room, proud to be a lifelong ORGANIZER, like so many of you in this room who I have worked with…

Maya, Susheela and Pramila Jayapal

I come from a long line of strong women, and it makes me so proud. My grandmother was whip smart as well as an incredible athlete. She played tennis in her sari, cheered on the Indian team in cricket matches, and tried to convince us that her made-up words were real so she could win a scrabble game. She started and didn’t get the chance to finish college, but she and my grandfather raised four whip smart children — including my mother.

My mother, with a Masters in English Literature, taught me to appreciate language and that words matter. She’s…

Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Washington State Governor Gary Locke break down what the question of immigration status would mean for our U.S. Census

There are 327,359,040 people living in the U.S. More than 7.4 million live in Washington state. Nearly 48 million are over 65. Over 56 million are Hispanic. Every 8 seconds, a baby is born.

What allows us to view such a nuanced picture of our nation? Critical data from the Decennial U.S. Census — the 2020 Decennial Census. Data that, at present, are under threat.

The decennial census tells us the demographic and economic makeup of our…

Good evening, powerful, unstoppable women! I am Pramila Jayapal and I am so proud to represent Washington state’s 7th District in the U.S. House of Representatives and to be the FIRST Indian American woman elected to the House! And, particularly in this moment, I’m also so proud to be an IMMIGRANT — one of just a dozen or so members in the entire Congress born outside the United States — and someone who has spent my life as an immigrant, civil and human rights organizer, and activist.

I want to give a special thank you to the courageous and inspiring…

Good evening. It is such an honor to be here with Aneelah, a dear
sister and inspiring leader in this dark time, someone who brings
deep intelligence, passion and skills to the work ahead of us. And
to ALL the leaders in the MAPS community — I am truly in awe of
the spirit of this community, your generosity, your hope and your
commitment to making this world more just and equitable. And on
behalf of the 7th Congressional District, let me welcome our
friends, faith and community leaders not only from our great state
but also from all over the country who are here for this inaugural

I announced yesterday that I would not be attending the State of the Union this year. I join other distinguished members, including Rep. John Lewis, in refusing to dignify a president who has used the platform of the Oval Office to fan the flames of racism, sexism and hatred — most recently with his vulgar condemnation of Haiti and other African countries.

“This is our own form of nonviolent resistance.”

As a member of Congress, my highest responsibility is to advance the interests of the 7th District, our nation as a whole and our global community with which we are…

I rise today in honor of the upcoming holiday remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As a lifelong activist fighting for immigrants, civil and human rights and now as a member of Congress, Dr. King has been a deep and central inspiration throughout my life. His work has helped me to make possible the path that I’ve taken, from being a 16-year-old immigrant girl who came to this country by herself for college to serving now as the first Indian American woman elected to the United States House of Representatives. And it is the courage and the fight of…

As sexual harassment scandals roil every industry from Capitol Hill to Hollywood, there are many factors for why we are where we are.

Power. Sexual harassment is about power. Those who have the most power — whether famous TV anchors, rich Hollywood moguls, judges, Members of Congress or the president of the United States — must decide how to exert that power; for corruption or for good. Many believe that their power and fame put them above any rules, including around sexual harassment.

Accomplices. Those around the powerful men who harass play a critical role in aiding and abetting. There…

Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Proudly serving the people of Washington's 7th Congressional District.

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