What Is The Best Way To Water The Lawn?

A green lawn is a beautiful site, but it doesn’t come without effort. Home owners need to make sure they’re planting the right type of grass, mowing it correctly, fertilizing it in the spring, and giving it plenty of water. Watering the lawn is perhaps the most important aspect of lawn care, and it’s important to do it right in order to get the best results and use water efficiently. The following are a few watering tips.

Water Early In The Day

According to lawn care experts, the best time to water the lawn is early in the day. When the sun is low and temperatures are relatively cool, less water will evaporate into the air. In addition, watering early in the day will help to keep the surface of the ground cooler even as temperatures go up. However, watering in the evening is not ideal because it allows the water to stay in the ground too long, which can contribute to the growth of fungus or to root rot.

Water Once Every Few Days

Lawns don’t need daily watering. The best way to water is to thoroughly soak the lawn just once every few days. This type of watering encourages the roots to grow deeper. Clay soils need even less watering; in fact, a lawn grown in a clay-rich soil will thrive with no more than a once-weekly watering.

Water About Six Inches Deep

The root system of a healthy lawn reaches about 6 inches into the grown. Thus, water should penetrate the ground to that depth. There are a couple of ways to check for moisture underground. The simplest way is to insert a screwdriver into the ground. If it slips in easily, the ground is holding sufficient moisture.

Use A Sprinkler System

The best type of sprinkler system is a pulsating sprinkler, which covers a large area of ground. Home owners should test their sprinkler system in the spring to make sure it’s working correctly. It may be possible to repair sprinkler system issues or replace sprinkler system components if problems are caught early on. Waiting too late to get a sprinkler repair can cause a setback for the lawn.

Adjust Watering Patterns To Lawn Conditions

Most home owners find that different areas of their lawn grow in different patterns. Some areas get more sun exposure while others spend more time in shade. Some parts of the lawn hold water better, while hilly areas are more likely to lose water. Consider using a sprinkler system with programmable zones to better customize lawn care.