Coming Together to Move Our Country Forward

With a newly elected President taking office in January and all of the challenges and opportunities ahead for America, it is important that we all come together to find common ground wherever possible to move our country forward by securing our country and growing our economy.

Protecting America’s security at home and abroad and keeping our nation safe from any threat must always be our first priority. In the New Year, we must continue to pursue a stronger and more effective foreign policy, which includes defeating ISIS and other terror threats, correcting a flawed Iran Nuclear Agreement, strengthening our military, keeping GITMO open, pausing the Syrian refugee program, strengthening our relationships with our allies, and treating our enemies as our enemies. We also need to make improvements to our immigration system. There are so many challenges that exist, but we must start by advancing bipartisan proposals to secure our border and strengthen interior enforcement. America is a nation of immigrants and everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the American dream, but you have to come to the United States legally and follow the rules.

Another top priority includes growing our economy and creating more good paying private sector jobs. Too many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet. Whenever possible, Congress needs to come together on legislation that will strengthen our middle class and small businesses. Another important step is to reform our broken tax code, by consolidating the system to less tax brackets and simplifying it so that more Americans can do their taxes on a form as simple as a postcard. Additionally, by negotiating better trade deals, removing bad regulations and boosting “Made in America” products, we can keep good paying jobs here in the United States.

There are also other policies that can be implemented that will ease the financial burden on families, especially when it comes to healthcare costs. I have met with too many struggling Long Islanders who cite difficulty in gaining access to quality and affordable healthcare, especially under Obamacare. Here in New York, Health Republic’s collapse, a result of Obamacare, left hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers without insurance, and triggered enormous financial losses to local health care providers. Earlier this year, Congress passed a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The President vetoed it. Under a new President, we can replace and replace Obamacare with a system that will work better and make healthcare costs affordable, relieving taxpayers of the financial burdens under this failed policy, and give patients more choices, while still continuing to cover Americans with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parent’s policy.

There are so many challenges ahead, which is why we must unite to find common ground and move our country forward. In Congress, I have always been willing to work with absolutely anyone to better our community, state and nation. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the New Year to secure our country and grow our economy.