I Was Right About the AHCA’s Impact on Veterans, Republicans Just Proved It

The story of how the loophole was created, why the AHCA was passed before it was fixed, and why it took so long for Republican leadership to publicly acknowledge the problem, is a lesson in the inherent danger of rushing to pass a bill that transforms nearly one-fifth of the American economy and determines the quality of care that all Americans receive.

Page 97 — Line 21 of the American Health Care Act, as originally introduced on March 20, 2017
The Brady-Walden Manager’s Amendment, page 6, cuts pages 88–119 of the AHCA, including the special rule for veterans
Video of the my testimony at the House Rules Committee, March 22, 2017
The rules of reconciliation prohibit provisions that fall outside the jurisdiction of the committees submitting the bill.
My speech during the Floor debate over the American Health Care Act, May 4, 2017.

Here’s what I took away from this experience : The authors of the American Health Care Act — and many Members who voted for it — did not understand the impact it could have on veterans.

One in 10 veterans rely on Medicaid.



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