We live at a time when man believes himself fabulously capable of creation, but he does not know what to create.

— José Ortega y Gasset

We realize it has been some time since we have reported on the status of RepMe and it is time to address matters. To…

RepMe has been building a decentralized ecosystem that stands in opposition of some of the most exploitative practice of modern times. Companies like Facebook profit in the billions from our sovereign rights without our consent, understanding or even awareness. This is a more than a crime — we consider it…

In keeping with the new direction of updating and the like, we thought we’d share some of the rationale behind recent activities.


We felt it was important to continue with masternode rewards so we had to divert some resources in order to see this through. Again, we’ve made it clear…

After some internal discussion and considerations, the RepMe group is implementing a new tact with respect to development and communication.

To begin, we shall provide updates on an ongoing basis. Secondarily, we are going to shed the labels of MVP2, 3 and so forth. It is not reflective of what’s being accomplished nor does it embody the work. Ultimately, what we are doing is implementing new features, testing old and building out the back end for intended usage.

To begin:

  • Release 0.2.1
  • Independent of blockchain UI parts
  • Reset password per user profile
  • User profile account activation via email
  • User profile full delete functionality
  • Notifications — Mute user
  • Notifications—clear incoming notifications
  • Shortlist—add user to shortlist
  • Shortlist—users—search and sorting
  • Shortlist—list of users, add and removal

These functionalities shall be implemented by end July and we shall continue to provide updates related to this progress.


Will you be implementing video call features on RepMe platform for interviews?

This is looking forward to be sure. It is absolutely our intention to have the best available feature-set on the platform, even if some of it has to reside off-chain. …

To Be Acknowledged

The debut of the new RPM token was swiftly followed by the release of our wallet and knowledge base. We had created a transitional network, providing an additional billion tokens for staking and masternodes as a thank you for the community support we’ve received to date.

Additionally, we had the…


Transparent linking, reputation management & incentivised networking, powered by Ai & blockchain.

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