Coffee Break III

Thursday Night Football; The Streak 21–0; Suffolk Downs; Aftermath of Irma on gambling

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

Washington, D.C. — Looks like the Houston Texans are yet again taking a gamble on a quarterback. Only difference, this kid has a national title under his belt. He’s a born winner, much like this Savage QB they have who is destine to be a career backup, much like Sanchez, Castle and Fitzpatrick’s of the world.

Deshaun Watson will taking the snaps tonight as the Texans head to Cincinnati to tackle the Bengals who were thumped last week by the Ravens.

Kid was 12-of-23 for 102 yards, one touchdown and one interception, maybe his defense can keep him in the game, but the offensive line is down right horrible. Bengals are -6, and haven’t beaten the Texans at home in the past three meetings, taking the upset here. Texans by 10.

On to Americans pastime. At one point the Dodgers were the team to beat. Analyst and sports journalist praised LA and its pitching staff. They hounded other clubs for trying to mimic its success. “Best in the league, untouchable, will tear through the post season, top 5 World Series match-ups we want to see all featuring the Dodgers,” they said.

But there is a sleeping giant up in Cleveland.

Indians defeated the Tigers 5–3 Wednesday afternoon to set an American League best 21 straight victories!

There hasn’t been a streak like that since the 35' Cubs! And we all know how that worked out.

I’d watch an Indians-Dodgers series. Maybe. Unless the Nationals have something to say about crowning a king.

Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and South Florida this past weekend. She hollered and tore through steel and stone like a woman on a mission to destroy an man who wronged her. But she couldn’t touch the gaming industry, God himself would never prevent anyone from spending money in a casino.

Gary Bitner, spokesman for the Seminole Tribe told me the Tampa casino went about its day while winds outside almost reached 100mph!

“Of course business was a little slow, people were evacuating and sheltering in. But we praised the employees that continued to work during the storm,” he said.

Over 600 casino employees worked through the disaster, which is impressive considering the amount of people that fled the area.

Some landscaping damage here and there but casinos are build to withstand bombs, I’m sure, nobody comes between a casino owner and his money. Not even mother nature.

Policy makers are on the computer talking about Suffolk Downs, the once prominent horse racing facility in Massachusetts.

The track is asking for an additional $288K to cover the books. Suffolk ran 30 races over the course of two days and burned through $1.088m in cash.

Now they need extra funds to get through the end of the month, which, in a unanimous vote, 5–0, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved.

September 14, 2017

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