The All-American Bro or Un-American Hipster…

The American-Bro Tank.

245 Coffee: I read this article on Vice regarding the All-American Bro and it made me think a bit, if I was locked in a room with the All-American Bro or the Un-American Hipster, which one would I dislike the most? To me, I feel the Bro is always bashed by Hipsters and vise versa. The article painted some solid facts and captured the essence that is the Bro beautifully. Now this thought only comes after the events of the previous night.

Chicago, IL 7:45PM: While sitting at a bar in a mostly dominate Hipster part of Chicago; during Game 7 of the Wester Conference Finals (mind you) an event taken very seriously by die-hard hockey and Chicago Blackhawks fans, a man wearing a Hawks jersey asked a gentleman sitting at the bar, “Hey, do you know the name of the Blackhawks goalie?” The response is what made me generate this story. The man sitting at the bar with five other equally lost companions said, “I don’t really follow hockey that much.”

Now, this gentleman has every right to do whatever he damn well pleases. He could have said “I don’t give a f@#k about hockey” and that could have been perfectly fine. But there should be a genuine level of consideration, even if it is just a tiny ounce. Loyal fans are trying to watch one of the most if not THE most important games of the season and you are sipping your $9 craft beer talking about Wes Anderson films? Please, take that to the back of the bar.

So for me it drives the question. If I was locked in a room with the light beer chugging, gutter vomit puking, jello-shot taking Bro, or the craft beer drinking, artisanal cheese making, skinny jean wearing Hipster; which would I dislike the most? To be honest I have no clue. I’m kind of on the fence about both of them. There are times when the Bro is needed. They bring life into a room, they are loud, proud and know how to party. On the flip side of the coin, the Hipster is calm and collective, he is the mysterious guy at the end of the bar with stories to tell (that may or may not have showered only once this week). This is only a thought of mine, no real rhyme or reason to it. I have many bro’s that are friends and I have many friends that identify as hipsters. As I tossed back my last PBR, celebrated the Hawks victory, paid my tab, I placed my hand on the guy at the bars shoulder and said “Crawford, the goalies name is Corey Crawford.”

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